Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Storage Solutions...

I am all about organization in my house. Almost to a fault. In fact, I am borderline OCD about it. In my head, EVERYTHING has to have a rhyme or reason as the where it goes and has to be there at all times. This is why I am usually running around like a chicken with it's head cut off all day, every day! Here are some really cute storage solutions for kids. I am IN LOVE with the numbered canvas bins. I think I might get them for under Remi's bed. He doesn't have a bedskirt so they would show (and look cute) while being functional and easy to get to. Organized for me, easy for! I am also seriously considering getting the blue book caddy for both of the boy's rooms. I love books and we have lots of them! This color is to die for and would be a great place for bedtime it has a shelf underneath for things like puzzles (which we also have A LOT of)!

1. Numbered (1-9) Canvas Bins
2. Book Caddy
3. Flee Market Wire Bin
4. Industrial Wooden Wagon

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