Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Meet The Teacher...

As you know, Roen could not attend his Meet The Teacher today. Roen is still in his pajamas and covered in sores, but I wanted him in the picture anyway. So far, Remi has not gotten sick and I really hope his little immune system can keep fighting this off. Roen finally got a decent night of sleep last night and the itching seems to have let up. Next week is their Open House, so hopefully Roen will be able to atleast go to that!

Remi's teacher seems very sweet and he immediately found a all the play money in the dress up area. He will have all his old classmates from last year in his class with him, which he will love! This is gonna be a great year!

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Cindy Rector said...

Well this is just bittersweet....your babies are all grown up!! They are both so handsome. Sure happy Roen is on the road to recovery. Praying Remi avoids this HFM mess. Wishing them a great school year.