Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Few Disney Favorites...

I thought these little gems deserved a post all on their own! I loved ET when I was a kid and even though my boys have NO CLUE who ET is, the ride was fun and they loved taking these pictures!

I secretly wish I could have gotten my picture made with ET :)

On a side note, this was the ride that Remi's curious little hands almost got him into serious trouble!

Since we had guides, we entered rides through the exits. It just so happened that the control panel for the ride was in hands reach of where we were waiting to get on the ride. I turned my head for a second and when I looked back at Remi, he was standing at the control panel (which was unattended) with his hands on all the buttons! Luckily, he hadn't had time to push anything, but my heart races at the thought of what could have happened to people getting on and off the ride had Remi had a few more seconds with those buttons!

We are really trying to work on keeping our hands to ourself and not touching things that don't belong to us, but unfortunately, Remi is drawn to buttons and his curious hands lack the self control and desire to stay away from buttons, pulls and switches!

It is worth mentioning that he also knocked down an entire drumset in the hotel deli that was displaying food because he started turning all the knobs that held it together!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


We just returned from our Disney trip on Saturday afternoon. We left on Friday, the 18th. We stayed at The Grand Flordian until Wednesday, where we then headed to Universal Studios until we headed home Saturday morning.

Florida was HOT, humid and HOT. I don't think I have ever sweated so much in my life! Our Texas heat has nothing on their heat! It was a long week full of Mickey, fun and lots and lots of meltdowns :)

For the first time, Remi was tall enough to ride pretty much everything at Disney. This little booger LOVED the roller coasters. His favorite at Disney was the Seven Dwarfs Miner Train roller coaster... I think he rode it 4 times. Roen wasn't so much into the fast roller coasters. He said "I not like that... it too fast". Roen's favorite ride was Winnie the Pooh :)

There is not really much explaining needed for these pictures, so I'll just let them tell the story.

The night before we left... I caught them sound asleep and all snuggled up

The first day there, we swam and then took the boys to watch the electrical parade at the Magic Kingdom... they were in awe

Micah couldn't make this trip, so my mom came to help me with the boys. Here is the whole group

All the cousins had matching Darth Vader pajamas (Kyndall had Princess Leia)... getting this picture was quite a challenge!

Playing a little Jet Pack the next morning before heading to Hollywood Studios

We went to visit Mickey again... all the cousins

Roen LOVES carousels

HOT and Sweaty... riding the train around the park... always a request of Roen's


Roen refused to take a picture with us :(

The Curious George splash and ball area was Remi's favorite thing of the whole trip... in fact, he was so excited, he ran off before I could get a picture!

Remi LOVES Scooby Doo, so he was on cloud 9 about getting to meet him!

Remi spotted this police rescue ride on our way back to the hotel to take naps. They were so excited to sit on it! Remi says he wants one of these when he grows up :)

Of course, I was SUPER DUPER excited to visit the Harry Potter areas of the park. They did not disappoint and I wish I could have explored them even more! Both boys got wands and loved casting spells around Diagon Alley!

Levitating the feather in the display window. There were dozens of places where the kids could recite a spell and with the correct swish of their wand watch magic happen. We did two and Remi was in heaven!

The pumpkin juice and butter beer were amazing!

Sporting our new Gryffindor Quidditch t-shirts

The Knight Bus

Checking our bags at the airport

And one last little snap of my Mouse Vader before we flew home :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

ManCave Progress...

Obviously, the mancave will be completed after the house but it is definitely moving along. The latest update is the safe room. The safe room will serve as a tornado shelter but also as a gun safe for Micah. They finally installed the gun cabinets and bench and I think Micah might be in Heaven :)

Monday, July 28, 2014

New Zealand: Christchurch

We spent one night in Christchurch before we headed home the next afternoon. We had most of the day on Saturday to mill around the city and then Sunday morning to do a bit more milling before we headed to the airport to begin our long journey home.

I LOVED Christchurch! Because of the earthquake they experienced in 2011, there was still a lot of visible destruction and rebuilding throughout the streets. Even with all the aftermath, the beauty and art within the city shined through. I really feel like I could have spent a week here exploring. Everywhere I turned, there were sweet little canopied shops, art covering buildings beautiful architecture.

I saw this little cupcake shop as we drove to dinner, and of course, it was nescesary to make it my first stop...

These sad, torn apart shops where everywhere...

This art installation really had impact by putting white painted chairs on an empty street corner that was home to a building now gone, due to the earthquake.

We just happened to stumble upon the local firehouse and I stopped because I knew the boys would LOVE to see pictures of this. Apparently, a lot of their house fires are caused by drinking and cooking! I also thought it was quite interesting that their rescue number was 111...

Here is some of the art that covered the walls of many buildings... beautiful and inspiring...

This awesome shopping and dinning area is called Container City. It is a part of the ReBuilding project and is made completely of big metal containers. This area was ultra trendy and hip... I LOVED it!

And, as we headed back to our hotel to collect our luggage, we spotted these wizards. Apparently, the old wizard in the middle is a 'real wizard' and makes public appearances all over the city. I think they were kinda of a big deal, but it seemed like grow-ups playing dress-up to me :)

Well, this is it... that was our trip in a nutshell! New Zealand is a place that I hope, one day, to return and will always be one of my most favorite places on Earth!