Thursday, June 21, 2018


Last weekend, we hopped on the plane with some great friends for a quick trip to Vegas! We stayed at the Bellagio (one of my favorites), tried some new restaurants, went to some favorites, saw a few shows, hit up the pool and had a blast!!

We left early Friday morning where we hit the ground running after landing. We ate at Gordon Ramsay Burger for lunch then the girls shopped while the guys did a bit of gambling. We had a late night show the first night and afterwards we ate a very late dinner at the Bellagio Cafe.

Saturday, we woke up and had brunch at Mon Ami Gabi where we sat on the patio, people watching and sipping Mimosas and Bloody Marys. That afternoon, we hit up the Bellagio cabanas for a little pool time and Miami Vices. We had an early dinner at (what we consider) the best restaurant in Vegas, SW Steakhouse at the Wynn. Afterwards, we saw Absinthe for the second time. We left Sunday afternoon, and though it was quick, it was fun and I have a feeling we will be back very soon!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Summer League Baseball...

Summer League Baseball is in full swing! The games are very laid back, with no umpires, no real uniform and always ending with a Tiger's Blood snow cone...

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Basketball Camp...

Last week, the boys went to basketball camp at the school. This year, they were win separate groups- K-2 and 3-6... I still can't wrap my head around the fact that come August, I will have a 3rd grader!

The boys loved getting to see all there buddies! Remi was so excited that he got to be with the older boys and Roen came home so proud that he had won the free throw contest! Remi ended camp getting to go home with two of his best friends...

Monday, June 18, 2018

Roen's 7th Birthday...

This year, Roen picked a theme based off of a book series...a creepy book series... GOOSEBUMPS!

Planning a party based on a scary children's book series was so much fun! I honestly couldn't think of theme that I could get more excited about!! We ended up doing his party about a month after his actual birthday because his birthday falls in the middle of baseball season and all the end of school activities that pop up.

All of Roen's sweet little friends and classmates joined him for swimming, presents, cake and pizza. I don't think the smile left his face all day!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

A Sad Converstation About Our Reality...

Yesterday, we were leaving piano lessons and I hear this conversation between the boys...

Remi: There are some schools up North where the kids keep rocks in their desks in case bad guys come.

Roen: The rocks might break a window, though!

Remi: Well, what would you rather happen? Be stolen or killed... or break something?

The reality and innocence of this conversation broke my heart. On one hand, my very observant 8 year old, is way to aware of the things that are happening around him for my comfort. On the other hand, my very sweet 7 year old doesn't understand the reality of 'bad guys' in schools and is more concerned about breaking a classroom window.

I hate that Remi is at an age where he understands fully what is happening in schools. I hate that he runs these scenarios in head, knowing that this is really happening in schools all over the country. And although I love that my little Roen has a mind full of all good things where there is no room for bad guys outside of movies... I hate that this reality makes me have to explain to him, that yes, a broken window would be a best case scenario.

Our little people have some pretty heavy burdens taking up space in their little heads- burdens that I don't always know how to comfort...

so on this summer day, I am simply happy that they are at home with me, safe from the bad guys, where our days are full of racing scooters, swimsuits and popsicles.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Golf Academy...

The boys just started Golf Academy this summer. They go once a week during the evening and they are absolutely loving it. While the boys are golfing, Micah and I hop on a golf cart for a few holes until the boys are finished. Afterwards, we eat dinner at the club... it is a very fun little Tuesday evening tradition that we hope to continue year-round.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

A Week With Family...

At the tail end of our Memorial Day weekend, family joined the fun and got to stay for a whole week! We stayed at the lake for a few days and then came home where we hit up the pool all day, every day!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Memorial Day Weekend...

We spent Memorial Day weekend at the lake where all the days ran together with wet swimsuits, boat rides, swimming, fishing, sunshine and all with our very favorite people!

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Lindsay's Best

The 5th Six Weeks of school, the students were encouraged to meet certain academic criteria in order to receive the Lindsay's Best award. If met, the students won a trip the the park and an ice cream treat. Both boys received this award and I was lucky enough to get asked to come help serve the ice cream sandwiches to all the kiddos last Wednesday. The boy's faces always light up when they spot me at school and that of course, just makes my day!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Awards Ceremony...

Last Tuesday, the boys had their awards ceremony.

This year has been amazing for so many reasons. Both boys were blessed with teachers who go above and beyond everyday for their students.

Remi's struggle in reading continues and we had many hard days. Days full of tears from both him and I. It took us until about the middle of the year before we finally found a way for him learn his spelling words- but with a lot of hard work- and more tears- we did it and I am so proud of that little boy. His teacher was his biggest cheerleader and the confidence she gave him has been a true gift.

Roen is still learning to come out of his shell, but he loves school and everything seems to be pretty easy for him. I drop him off with a smile, pick him up with a smile and get feedback about his smile that seems to make everyone's day at school.

They both got awards for 'A' average honor roll- Roen's a steady 89-90 average in reading this year and Remi's only 'B' was an 89 in Reading-- that just goes to show how hard this little fella worked! They got AR awards, Book-It awards, Lindsay's Best award, Remi got a Knight Pride, Roen got a Knighthood Award... they worked hard this year!

Having one child that has to work so hard to achieve what comes to the other so easily has been interesting to juggle, but we have lots of talks about how we are all different and I try to be open and honest about the struggles we all have. Roen has learned to be sensitive about reading/spelling toward his brother and Remi has learned that when a classmate makes a comment about his reading, it hurts- but we rise above and go about our way, doing our very best.

This year has been a year of learning, growing, hard work and although it was wonderful, we are all happy for sunny days full of swimming, fishing and adventures!!