Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Spring School Pictures...

I just got back the boy's spring school pictures and I have to say, they get better every year.

Remi, as usual, is way more interested in other things than picture taking and just grinning and bearing it the best he can...

and Roen just can't help himself from being the cutest thing ever...

Monday, May 22, 2017

Breakfast With Mom....

Tuesday morning, was Breakfast With Mom at the boy's elementary school. It hit at the exact same time for them both and since I can't be two places at once, I was a bit worried about who I would go with first- of course, this had already been a discussion between the boys.

However, when I got to Remi's class, his teacher kindly suggested that I take Remi with me down to Roen's class so that I could eat with them both. She has no idea how much that meant to me!!

Remi loved Kindergarten and his Kindergarten teacher, so being back in his old classroom was a treat in itself!

These are the little goodies they made for me. Remi's muffin says "If you give mom a muffin, she..." And he filled in with "will want a kiss to go with it. The kiss will remind her of a hug." He even put sprinkles on the muffin... that boy sure does know the way to my heart!!

And of course, I loved Roen's little handprint flower- it is in my stack to be framed!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Outdoor Lighting...

I love lighting and think fixtures are the perfect way to add fun details. So, when it came to our outdoor space, I wanted to incorporate lighting wherever I could.

They finally got all our lighting up, and to me it changed the look of the entire area...

They also poured all the decking (concrete), installed the countertops, put up the backsplash and got our fence up- they have been busy!

The backsplash is the same spanish tile from the pool... it is the perfect little pop of color!

I really wanted a 'wood' look for the countertops and went back and forth between concrete stamped to look like wood or granite. In the end I went with granite in favor of a smoother surface. I am so happy with this decision, because when we went to pick out the granite, I found the perfect countertops!! They are a dark brown (which ties in with the dark cedar on the ceiling) and have a wood grain detail in them. I have honestly never seen anything like them before and I just fell in love!!

I won't show everything just yet... I love an element of surprise, but here is a peek...

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Mother's Day 2017...

Since we celebrated Mother's Day with family on Saturday, I had the whole day on Sunday to myself.

As I thought long and hard about what I wanted to do with my day, I realized I just wanted to be at home with my boys. There was a time, when a break was all I wanted. I can remember years ago when I loaded up and spent the entire day shopping, soaking up the alone time.

But now, a break is not really something I crave. With both boys in school everyday, all day I truly miss being with them. I look forward to the school day ending, where I get to love on them, talk to them and be driven absolutely crazy by them!

So, after church, I requested for Micah to head over to the meat market, pick up some fixings and grill burgers for lunch. After devouring Micah's famous Doodle Burgers, he took the boys out back to shoot bb guns and bows so that I could have some time do whatever I wanted.

You know what I did?

I did laundry. I got a big mound of clean clothes, threw them on the couch and folded while watching one of my favorite Netflix shows and sipping hot tea. And I loved every minute of it- truly, I did. I love my 'motherly' duties, I love taking care of my family and even though I had the perfect excuse to get out of it for a whole day, I just couldn't stop myself!!

Saturday night, we left our pool party to make the hour long drive home, and it was late. The boys were tired from a long day of swimming, and Roen asked if I would sit in the back with him. I almost said 'no', because I wanted to sit up front with Micah so we could visit.

But I said yes. I crawled in the back between the boys, and they snuggled up to me, talking about the day, delighted that I was all theirs for the trip home. Eventually, their heads made their way to my lap and before long, they were fast asleep.

Long gone are the days where my babies sleep on my chest, but this brought back those same feelings. My whole world, right there asleep in my lap, looking up at Micah, so grateful, yet undeserving of the way he loves me so perfectly, and it was then at that exact moment where I got my Mother's Day gift.

Not something tangible, not something pretty to wear or smell, just a quiet, simple moment, where my heart felt so full it could almost burst. A tiny instant pulled from a busy day where the blessing of being a mom felt so overwhelmingly real it was almost as if I could have reached out and grabbed it....

My boys will never really understand the gift they have given me in making me their mom, but I think Micah knows. I think he feels the exact same way about being their daddy and getting to share that with him, is probably the greatest gift of all!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Mother's Day Weekend...

On Saturday, we spent the day with family laying out by the pool, while the men cooked up a steak dinner and refreshed our drinks. It was absolutely glorious!!

The kids had a blast splashing around and it truly was an afternoon of relaxation!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A Birthday Lunch...

One of the best parts of having a birthday during the school year, is having lunch brought to you!

Of course, when we ask Roen what he wanted, he chose Taco Casa- two tacos "with no salad" and chips with cheese. Since the boys have lunch only 10 minutes apart, we brought Remi lunch too! We really only bring the boys lunch on their birthdays, so this is something super duper special to them!

Monday, May 15, 2017

On The Day Roen Turned 6...

Roen's 6th birthday fell on Friday. A Friday which we just happened to have off of school!

Roen was the first one up, a little after 6 and was all excitement to open his presents from us and Remi. I told him he had to wait for Remi to wake up and it was almost more than he could bear to wait! He got a hiking stick (from Anne), Legos, some BattleBots, some clothes, a hammerhead shark and a remote-control boat from Remi. Roen has been wanting this remote-control boat for a long time now and Remi was insistent on getting it for him! Once the pool is filled up, he will have hours of fun driving it through the water!

After presents, Micah went to get donuts for breakfast, which has become a birthday tradition around here. We sang Happy Birthday and filled up on chocolate milk and sprinkled donuts.

Roen didn't want his candle in his sprinkle donut for fear of wax getting on it...

The night before, Micah loaded up the boat and fishing gear, I loaded up drinks and food and we spent the morning and afternoon out on the lake fishing.

Roen ran around and played on the boat more than he fished and probably would have had more fun if we could have went tubing like we planned (it was too cold), but never complained and the smile never left his face.

Remi on the the other hand, caught fish after fish and probably would have spent the night fishing away if we would have let him. He was always ready to help reel in, pull hooks out of fish mouths and assist whenever needed! Roen never would hold the fish, but he did catch a handful, and told me the day he turned 6 was "the best day ever!"

Can you tell Remi is standing here making sure Roen casts right?!

After our fishing adventure, we came back home where Micah and Remi cleaned the fish and Pops and Roen put together his new Lego race car.

We ended the day with Roen's t-ball game, where we pulled out a win. I had the best day doing boy things with my three favorite people!!!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Roen is SIX!!!

Today, my sweet little baby is SIX! He has almost finished up his first year of Kindergarten and continues to be our little ball of sunshine! Roen has fully embraced his days at school and has made friends with everyone he sees. Though he can be quiet and shy, he seems to have broken out of his shell and become a social butterfly!

Roen loves tacos, spaghetti, broccoli, candy, chips and hot sauce and pickles

Although, Roen has too many school friends to count, Remi continues to be his very best friend. These two wouldn't know what to do without each other! They fight, argue, hit, push and sometimes still even bite each other, but they also play. They will go outside together and spend hours, building, imagining and creating.

Roen loves baseball, sharks, fishing, hunting, swimming, bedtime stories and doing anything outdoors

Roen still remains a momma's boy. Most nights, he requests me to put him to bed. I know, just like his big brother, this may change someday soon, but for now, he can't get enough of his momma... and I soak up every single second!

He loves to dress himself. Often, he will change clothes 3-4 times a day- when he is not at school- and will put on the brightest colors in his closet. Roen is rarely concerned about what others think about him and tends to march to the beat of his own drum. Some days for school, he will request a mohawk, throw on tall lime green socks, paired with blue shoes and neon orange shorts... he likes to wear all of his favorite things all at the same time! And there is not a whole lot that makes him happier than a new pair of tennis shoes!

Roen's laugh.... oh, his laugh is music to my ears! He loves to laugh and does it often, for most things make Roen smile and it doesn't take much to amuse him. His laugh is happy, sweet and from deep down in his belly.

He still loves sleeping and has a hard time staying up past his bedtime... which still remains 7:30!

He has held on to his love for cars, trucks and trains. Most days after school, while I am helping Remi finish up his homework, Roen will go upstairs to the playroom and build train tracks and push around his vehicles until Remi can play!

But, what I love most about Roen is his happiness. He goes through his days with a smile on his face, like a little ray of sunshine. And though he is a boy of few words, you can't help but love him and feel the need to just squeeze him!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Sunday Funday...

It is that time of year again....

Where we load up the ranger and hit the back roads with friends. This is one of my favorite things we do as a family- even Little Anne loves going. In fact, when we start loading up, she is always the first one in the front seat, ready to go!

Sunday, we went out to a friend's ranch where we drove through creeks, down the dirt roads and ended up at the lake where the kids swam and found seashells. Between the four-wheelers, rangers and razers, there were 17 total vehicles... lots of kids and good friends!

Remi is the one in orange shirt and made his way all to way with the bigger kids.... he pretended not to hear me hollering that he was high enough and every time I turned around he had inched higher and higher. Roen is a bit more cautious and was perfectly fine closer to the bottom splashing about!

Monday, May 8, 2017

A Weekend With Friends...

Saturday morning, we woke up and decided to meet up with friends at Joe T's. We do this often, because between the nachos, fajitas and margaritas, the hour+ drive is always more than worth it for us.

After lunch, the boys got to have a full day with one of their very best friends. They spent most of day playing baseball and woke up the next morning playing baseball again before church. Even though these three always seem to find their way into mischief, I sure do think they make a pretty sweet trio...