Thursday, May 26, 2016

5 Year Well Check-Up...

Monday, Roen had his 5 year Well Check-Up. He did an eye test, a hearing test and weighed in at 41 lbs (52%) and 42 1/2 in tall (40%). At five, Remi weighed one pound more than Roen, but was half an inch shorter... exactly what I had predicted! More than anything, I am grateful for a healthy check-up, once again. Thank you God, for blessing us with health!

Roen was full of the sillys...

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Remi's Field Day...

Last Friday, was Remi's Field Day. He has been so excited and practicing very hard everyday in PE!

Here is the Kindergarten during Opening Ceremony...

Relay Races...

Remi was really good at the spoon races...

Here he was during the finals. He did not win this event, but he did end up winning the beanbag race!

Roen did pretty good. Toward the end, he was bored, but having Anne with him helped!

Like I said, a bit bored, just rolling around in the parking lot because, you know, it's really soft and completely sanitary....

This was the highlight of the whole morning- Tug-O-War. He had been looking forward to 'tug-a-toy' (as he kept calling it) for days!! It was the two Kindergarten classes against each other and Remi's class won!

Remi and some of his sweet friends. He just has the sweetest group of kids in his class! The sweet little girl is one of the girls he plays with often- though he would never admit to that!

Mining for Gold- they were timed to see how many marbles they could pick up with their toes. Remi got 6, but I think the highest was 17!! I kinda wanted to stick my feet in there and see how many I could get!

They ended field day with sack lunches in the classroom. What a fun filled day!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Roen's Graduation Program...

Last Thursday evening, was Roen's pre-school graduation program. It was the cutest little thing ever. They sang three songs and then each recieved their 'diploma'. It started at 7:00 which is normally when we start bedtime routine, so he yawned (and picked his nose) through THE WHOLE THING. Not little yawns either- like big, giant yawns!

Here he is yawning... it was non-stop!

And this was my favorite part. At the end, all the classes got together and sang Step By Step.... one of my very favorite church songs! Just hearing those sweet little voices sing worship songs brought tears to my eyes!

Getting his diploma...

Every year, they have all previous students of The Learning Tree come up front and say their name and age. Remi was really nervous about doing this, but he put his big boy britches on, and did it! I was proud!

So very proud of my little future Kindergartener!!!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Last Day of Pre-School...

Thursday, was Roen's very last day of preschool!! I think he was a bit excited....

Friday, May 20, 2016

10 Years Today...

I remember way back in 2006, on our wedding day. We were like babies at only 22 and 23 years old. So naive to this journey called marriage, really we had no idea what was to come- it was a big 'ole leap of faith. I honestly thought I loved Micah way back then- and I did in that 'young love' sort of way. And I really thought I knew him.

But, I had no idea.

Ten years later, the love I have for Micah is so much more than I ever thought possible. So deep rooted in my soul... intertwined into my very being... made my marriage something precious I treasure, protect and keep special from everything else in my life- even my children. The passion I have for my marriage has no Earthly rivals... not even my motherhood.

Micah has always had the best of hearts, but I didn't really find out who he was until we became parents. Remi was the most beautiful baby, a head full of hair, big awake eyes... a blessing we both had prayed for and dreamed of. But that was also our very hardest year of marriage. Babies are hard, parenting is tiring, expectations were shattered, hearts broken, but through it all, our love remained. It stood strong and so did we. We made it through and by the time Roen was born we had reached the light at the end of 'what parenting is really like and what it does to your marriage' tunnel.

I learned that being tired doesn't go away, Micah learned a new kind of patience and together we took this parenting thing by the horns and figured out what worked for us. And the boys know that no matter what, we stand together... as one. Because having each other's back in parenting is a lot more fun when there is someone to roll you eyes with (at yet another comment about tooting, pooping, peeing...), laugh at the kids with, make the hard decisions with and trust each other instead of challenging each other.

Micah is different. Not an average man by any stretch- something special and rare, hard to pinpoint what, exactly, but you know it when you see it. He has this light about him that naturally draws good people into his life. It's like you can't really help it, you just feel good being around him. He doesn't make friends of every stranger he meets, he is not quite that outgoing, instead he is a bit of an observer, laid-back, constantly analyzing, figuring things out, but at the same time always putting others first and giving the shirt off his back for anyone in need. He doesn't wait around for things to happen, he makes things happen... amazingly, brilliant things. Everything he touches will either be successful or keep failing until it becomes a success. He works at making every single part of his life something positive. He wakes up with a smile and rarely have I ever seen that smile fade. He is that type of husband and father that leaves work worries at work and comes home happy to see us all. Most nights I cook dinner while he sits at our bar, having a beer, spending time with me. I don't know how he finds the energy to do it, but he runs a business with over 100 employees, doesn't let the oil prices affect his mood, takes care of us financially, and then comes home to make me feel like the most beautiful and worthy wife in the world, with two little boys who really have no idea how very lucky they are to have a father who loves them like crazy, who isn't afraid to get out the belt and all the while, teaching them how to do those very things one day.

10 years of being married to this man, has been an absolutely amazing journey. Lots and lots of work, but also lots fun. Fun that I get to snuggle up to every night, fun that will spin me around the dance floor all night- because he knows that two-stepping with him, is like a drug to me, fun that still chases me around the house from time to time, fun that I'm not entirely sure I deserve, but am whole-heartily grateful for.

Several months ago we were having a big get together at our house. Like often happens, all the men were at our shop while us girls were hanging out next door. Micah had come over to say 'hi' when I mentioned that I was craving some cheese nachos with hot sauce and pickled jalapenos (my cravings are pretty specific, he knows). So, Micah said he would go make some for me. I was most definitely not surprised by this- he often does things like this for me- but like always, it touched my heart. So, about 30 minutes later I headed out to the shop to eat my nachos. As I set down, Micah pulls out a big 'ole pan of nachos from the oven, with my favorite hot sauce and covered in jalapenos. One of our male buddies was sitting next to me and since Micah had made enough for an army, I shared them with him. As we were eating, my friend looked at me and said,

"You got a good one. You better keep an eye on him, or someone is likely to steal him from you."

And you know what, that is exactly the point of all of this.

This man that can make an outsider see that what he is is truly rare and something to be held dear, is not only what I chose 10 years ago, but, what 10 years later, today, I would still choose, over and over again on this very day.

Micah, you are such an inspiration to me.... every. single. day.

Having you in my life has been better than I could have ever anticipated and though I'd like to say I knew exactly what I was getting into all those years ago- I had not a clue that what God was blessing me with would be my life's great treasure.

Thanks for being you and letting me be me!!! Happy 10 Year Anniversary!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Roen's Robot Birthday...

For Roen's 5th birthday, we went through many ideas for themes but he settled on robots. I have to say, some themes have been more fun than others, but this was one of my favorites! I went with very colorful and happy colors... just like Roen.

He has been so excited for his party to finally get here. He had me draw a countdown calendar that he taped to his door so that he could always see how many more days until his party.

His party was this past Saturday and he had a blast! We had a bouncehouse, hamburgers & hotdogs, a robot building station, a pinata and lots of fun with family and friends!

The little robot planters Roen helped make. He picked out all the plants. There were 10 total... some were turned backwards.

Roen's birthday invitation

Roen with the book and quilt I made him

Of course, the obstacle course bouncehouse is always a blast...

I found these fun light-up ice cubes for the kid's cups- they were a huge hit!

Blowing out his candles

Roen and his best little buddy

I started collecting cans months ago and them made little robot parts with magnets, pipe cleaner, nuts, bolts, buttons, googley eyes.... this was lots of fun!

This is by far the fastest I have ever gotten birthday pictures back! From Remi's very 1st birthday, I have always hired a photographer to take pictures at the boy's birthdays. It is something that I am so very glad I have done. It allows me to run around and play host/Mommy and not worry about getting pictures!

Thanks, Tricia!!!