Monday, March 30, 2015

Church Egg Hunt...

Yesterday, the boys had their first egg hunt of the year. Every year, the church puts on an egg hunt at the local park. The is lots of space for the kids to run around and they always have a lot of fun!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

This Weather...

Isn't it glorious!?

Yesterday, Remi came up to my office and very seriously said, "Mom, I wanted to ask you about something". I said, "Ok, what"? He responded by asking if I would take them to the park so they could ride bikes. I had a million things to do, but how could I say no... especially when the weather was perfect!

Remi LOVES riding his bike. He does it pretty much all day every day. Roen is still a bit too short to reach the pedals on his new bike, so he rides Remi's old balance bike (Roen's broke because he also loves riding bikes). Roen can't go near as fast as Remi on the balance bike, but you should see those little legs... they move a mile a minute!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

T-Ball is Here...

Well, it's finally here.... the moment Roen has been anticipating for 2 years. Ever since Remi started playing t-ball two years ago, Roen has patiently been waiting for his turn on the field.

Remi did NOT want us to sign him up this year. Micah decided that Remi needed to play with his little brother and signed him up anyway. Last week, when we told the boys their first practice was approaching, Remi burst into tears and got really upset because 'he told us he did not want us to sign him up'! He has eventually warmed up to the idea and surprisingly, has had a wonderful attitude thus far.

The day before practice, I took the boys to get some new bat bags, mitts and cleats. They had a blast picking everything out.

On the way to practice, Remi LOVED telling Roen what to expect from practice.

Their first practice went great. As soon as we got there they split the kids into different groups (batting and catching/throwing). Remi and Roen did not end up in the same group which seemed to make Roen a little nervous. Poor thing... he really does rely so much on his big brother. Roen is so very very shy and wants to please so much that as the coach was helping him with this batting form, I was a bit afraid he might start crying. But, he didn't. I hope this will help him come out of his shell a bit.

I am so excited for t-ball this year... having both my boys out on the same field is something I have looked forward to for a very long time.

Pictures before practice (Remi is over taking pictures and informed me that he did not like taking pictures anymore)...

And a few from practice...

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Easter Bunny 2015...

Today, after swim lessons, I took the boys to see the Easter Bunny. There was no line, the mall was pretty much empty and it was so nice! The boys got to play in the play area, ride the carousel and have a Chick-fil-a lunch. It was a fun morning.

After their picture, they each got to pick out an Easter mask from the bunny. Of course, Remi decided he wanted a metal shovel that was decorating the garden themed photo set and reluctantly took a mask instead, only after an embarrassing amount of coaxing and threats! But you would never know by looking at the sweetness going on in this picture....

Monday, March 23, 2015

Carrots in Your Eyes...

Talking about 'long eyes' with the boys...

Remi: "Mommy, carrots are good for your eyes."

Me: "unhuh"

Roen: "I don't want to put carrots in my eyes!

Remi: "You don't put them in your eyes, you eat them!"

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Preparing For a Birthday...

I like to get started early on birthday party planning. I like everything done a certain way with lots of details. It gives me fun little projects to work on and the boys love seeing all the work that goes into celebrating them! Over Sring Break, I got quite a bit done for Roen's upcoming 4th birthday. I got several banners sewed, finished up some favors and the biggest was finishing his quilt. For the boy's past parties, I have started making quilts (that match their theme) for them to sit on while opening presents. They are SO proud of their quilts and they are great for playroom TV watching.

I can't give much away, but here is a little peek at how Roen's party details are progressing...

Can you guess the theme...?

Friday, March 20, 2015

A Bucket of Flowers...

What is sweeter than a buckets of flowers picked with love just for you? I'm not sure there really is anything sweeter.

The boys picked these for me because the flowers I had out on the counter died... I hope they never stop picking me flowers!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spring Break...

Besides family visiting last weekend, our Spring Break has been quiet and low-key. I love to go and do- probably more than most- but sometimes a week at home with no obligations is a breath of fresh air! Other than teaching bible class Last night, we have had no plans (I even skipped swim lessons)! I have gotten to work a lot on Roen's upcoming birthday and the boys have gotten a lot of outside time; which is their favorite. Lots of bike riding, playing in the mud and getting into Daddy's shop.

The boys got haircuts earlier this week and Little Anne got groomed, so I feel like that was one thing accomplished!

After the boys ventured outside early this morning, they came back inside to play for a bit. I snapped these pictures because it cracks me up that Remi has to have Little Anne with him at all times. He literally wakes up looking for her (the minute she hears his voice she runs and hides) and usually she stays in his lap or arms throughout the entire day. If we ever leave the house, the first thing he wants to know is if Little can go too.

It is really very sweet the way he loves her. Sometimes, I feel sorry for Little, but she holds her own and for the most part, I think she secretly likes the attention and definitely prefers it to the alternative.

This little 'doghouse' stays in my office... she loves sleeping there while I work.... so when I told Remi that I thought Little needed a nap (to give her a break from being played with) he simply brought the doghouse into the playroom. I think she was a bit irritated, lol!

Monday, March 16, 2015

A Weekend With Family...

This weekend, my mom, sister, aunt, cousin, nephew and niece came to visit us! We worked (and finished) a 1,000 piece puzzle, went the the zoo, played and even though my mom got sick and had leave early, we had a blast!

This is my sweet little nephew... isn't he the cutest! Please excuse me, I had just got out of the shower

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Spring Art...

With this glorious Springtime weather, I thought I'd share some of the kid's art from school... we all know how 'outside the lines' child art makes me swoon :)

What I LOVE about these...? Roen's upside heart nose, how Remi added an extra bow at the end of his kite... and of course, anything with a rainbow will always be a favorite of mine, but the red clouds is what really does it for me :)