Tuesday, March 28, 2017

First Games...

Saturday, was opening day of baseball for the boys. This is a day Micah has been looking forward to for a very long time and he might have been even more excited than the boys!

Roen's cute little t-ball team played great and pulled out a win- all the hours upon hours of practice with Daddy paid off! They are still so little and sweet... I just love watching t-ball!!!

This is one of Roen's best little buds! For Roen, baseball is it! He loves playing with all his buds, and they are seriously they cutest little boys ever!

Look at that big ole wad of beef jerky in his mouth!!

Now that Remi is in Coach Pitch, things seemed to have gotten a bit more serious. I found myself a little less laid-back watching his team play. They didn't end up winning, but there are some really great players on his team, and I found myself intensely watching every play!

Remi's love for sports isn't as deep as Roen's seems to be, but if Micah has anything to do with it, that will eventually change! Here he is with his two very best friends...

I have NEVER been into sports. In high school, I did cheerleading, and even then I hated sweating during the pep rallies. But look at me now! I look forward to watching the boys play, I go to practices that I could easily miss and let Micah take the boys to and I seriously have no greater joy than watching Micah work with the boys and coach their teams.

As this chapter of life opens, I feel as if I am more of spectator, but that's ok because when the boys go up to bat, and I see them turn to find their Momma's eyes on them, I know that though my part may be quiet, it is just as important.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Tile, Coping and Rock Stain...

Well, the pool is moving right along. The sculpted rock is finally done being textured and carved to look like rock and got stained a couple of weeks ago.

Over Spring Break, the tile was put up and the coping was put down. It seems to be as slow as building a house, but hopefully within a few months, we will have a completed pool!

I knew I wanted something different for our pool tile that would really stand out. It almost has a spanish flare and just love it! With all the organic lines of the slide area, I wanted the coping to contrast with straight, hard lines...

This week, they have started rocking the outdoor kitchen area. Apparently this will take several weeks... maybe I need to go out there and help!

Friday, March 24, 2017


The other afternoon, during Roen's t-ball practice, I found Remi and his buddies all up in this tree like a bunch of monkeys. Remi also jumped in the creek and got his shoes wet, so he ran around without shoes.

There is just something so free and innocent about a bunch of boys climbing trees in their tiny town park without a worry in the world that this picture captures...

Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Rest of Spring Break...

After we got home on Wednesday, we spent the rest of Spring Break, sleeping in, with friends and outdoors.

And although I don't have a daughter I could to take to see Beauty and Beast, I have an amazing family full girls who are always lots of fun...

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Vail, Our Last Day....

Our last day in Vail, was perfect!! We woke up, skipped the bunny slopes and headed straight to the tip top of the mountain.

Vail slopes are geared more toward experienced skiers, so we had to travel many lifts (4 total) to get to mountain with greens. But the mountain we found was perfect for the boys! It was full of short greens, with an easy access bathroom right at the lift! All the slopes led to the same lift, so we were able to ski pretty much non-stop. Well, non-stop between the skis falling off, whining and poles being thrown- let's not pretend the mountains magically turned my children into angles, lol!!

The boys were able to keep up with us for the most part, and Micah and I were really wishing we had another day to ski with them.

First time on the gondola lift...

After skiing, we turned all our gear in and headed back up the mountain to do a little afternoon tubing. It was fast and so fun!!

We ended our last day with ice cream and milkshakes...

We woke up early the next morning and headed to the Denver airport to fly home! What a wonderful little vacation we had. Micah and I have the very best time taking the boys on little adventures and I think it's safe to say, the boys have found as much love for the mountains as we have!!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Vail, Day 3...

Our third day, we had a fun little adventure planned but, we went out to the slopes early Monday morning and skied for a couple of hours before it began! We were super excited to take the boys up the bunny slope lift for the first time to see how they did. We were both very impressed and although, we didn't have time to more than the bunny slope that morning, we decided they were definitely ready for some greens the next day!

Right before lunch, we headed out of town and took the boys dog sledding. It really was the coolest thing! Micah and Remi rode together and Roen rode with me. They cozied us up in layers of wool blankets, strapped us in, and then a team of 8 dogs pulled us through the mountains for about 5 miles. Each boy had the oppurtunity to drive with the musher, but only Remi partook.... he is always up for adventure and for that, I am thankful! I think Roen was way too cozy and warm to get out of the sled!

They had a photographer out taking pictures, which I loved!

After our ride, we got to go into the kennels and meet all the dogs... all 64 of them! Remi is an animal lover and was in heaven. It took forever for me to get him to come inside for hot chocolate and snacks, and then I found them back out there taking pictures of all the dogs!! They loved it!

After dog sledding, we headed back in town to eat an early dinner, late lunch. We asked several locals for food recommendations, and Moe's seemed to be a favorite. This was the best food of the trip for me!! The pulled pork sandwich just hit the spot... I guess you can't take the Texas out of this girl!

With it being too late to ski, we had a relaxing evening in the room just hanging out until bedtime.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Vail, Day 2....

Our second day in Vail, we all woke up ready for a day of skiing.

We decided to put the boys in ski lessons for the first day. I hated not getting to see them all day, so we decided to meet up with them and their instructor for lunch. I could tell after a morning of skiing, they were exhausted, but they were also so proud of themselves!

Micah and I had the best day ever, skiing all day, just the two of us. It reminded me of way back in the day when I wore his camo toboggan down the slopes- 12 years later and a lot more out of shape! We started off very slow on greens, but eventually made our way to the blues.

When we met over lunch, the boys were so tired, you could see it in their eyes...

We came down the slopes a bit early in hopes of seeing the boys in action. We caught them on the Magic Carpet and they were thrilled for us to see them show off their new ski abilities!

The one thing they wanted to do that we weren't prepared for was swim. The day before, we hunted down swimsuits and they could hardly wait to swim in the heated pool and hot tub. I didn't bring a swimsuit, so Micah and I sat by the outdoor fire and had drinks while the boys swam. As they were swimming, big, fluffy snowflakes started falling and it was almost too much fun to handle!

After a full day of skiing and swimming, we headed down town to eat. We stumbled upon a little hibachi restaurant, and filled our bellies. The boys were super excited about their Japanese sodas!

After dinner, we headed back to the room and the boys were asleep in no time at all!