Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Kitchen Help...

The boys love helping me in the kitchen! I can't honestly say I always love them underfoot while I'm cooking, but I try to always let them help me with the fun stuff, like cracking the eggs!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

My Little Fisherman...

Monday was President's Day and we took full advantage of having a long weekend. We spent our days with friends, playing ping pong, grilling out, being outside and of course, fishing...

Remi(right) helping Roen(left) with his lure

Remi has always been my independent child who does as well alone as he does with others. Actually, I think he often prefers to be alone, where he can do exactly as he pleases, having to share with no one and being able to explore as his heart desires. He loves to grab his pole and wander up and down the bank casting away. I love peeking out the window to see him out there doing what he loves- his independent spirit makes me proud!

And even when Sunday brought dreary weather, this little guy was out casting away...

Monday, February 19, 2018

Valentine's Day Parties...

I think of all the parties the boys have at school, Valentine's is my very favorite. There is just something about having a box full of little love letters from all of your friends!!

I spent most of my time in Roen's classroom since I'm his Room Mom and we had the best time eating treats, playing games and opening Valentines. Roen has a tiny class of just 13 students and they are all just the sweetest kids in the world. Their parties are very sweet, and for the most part, calm and quiet. I did get to go down and peek on Remi's class, but thankfully Micah was with him most of the time.

Remi's class is pretty big with 20 students and it is full of energetic, wild & woolly boys! Their parties are the complete opposite! Remi's class had an ice cream bar and the boys had the best time with the whoopie cushions. Micah got some amazing pictures of the fun they were having...

Friday, February 16, 2018

Valentine Goodies...

I had so much fun with the boys Valentine's this year. I wanted to do something really fun and boyish, so I mentioned whoopie cushions and Roen immediately loved the idea. It took Remi a bit to decide he was ok with this- he is always worried about looking silly. But in the end, they were a HUGE hit in both of their classes.

2nd Grade is the first year the kids get to make Valentine boxes. I have seriously been dreaming of the day I got to do this with my boys- that art degree pays off here and there, lol! Remi had a hard time deciding what he wanted to do, so I came up with the idea of a volcano. Remi loves science and has always had a fascination with earth science- especially volcanoes, so I thought it was the perfect idea. After mulling it over a bit, he was on board and really got into it. I would do little bits while they were at school, then he would come home and do a little work and so on. It was a team effort between the two of us!

However, as proud as he was of his volcano Valentine box, he still asked if I would carry it to his classroom for him- this did not surprise me in the least. As we walked into the building, one of his best buds said, 'Is that Remi's box?' When I told him that 'Yes, this is Remi's box' he ran into the classroom before us shouting for everyone to look at how cool his box was. The smile on Rem's face was priceless!!

Later, after school, he told me that everyone thought his box was the best! There really ins't much better in life that watching happiness spill from your children.

Before school started on Valentine's Day, the boys got to open their goodies from us. We try to keep these little holidays small and simple with the gift giving, so when I stumbled upon these boy themed bath bomb sets, I knew I had found the perfect gift. Something they will use, but also a fun little treat to get excited about!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


My mom, sister, nephew and niece came to visit this weekend. These little weekend trips are always super fast, but the boys loved having them at their very last basketball game!

Miss Mallorie carried Little Lady around the entire time, fixing her up on little palettes and loving on her non-stop. I just love watching them ride scooters, get into the play-dough and spend time together.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Basketball 2018...

Well, basketball season is officially over. Out of 8 games, the boys won 7 and they were pretty proud of themselves! Roen played his very best on the last game where he got two rebounds, caught a pass and made a pass- the fact that he even touched the ball is huge for him! Remi loves basketball and although he never made a basket, he took several shots this season, made a steal, got some rebounds and even fought for the ball. Overall, I think the boys have come along way since last year and we had a blast watching them play!

The second graders on the team

The first graders- minus one

Thursday, February 8, 2018


Well, we just made it back from a trip to Vegas. We left Friday after taking the boys to school and came home Monday evening. I have spent the better part of this week catching up on laundry and sleep!

We jammed in as much as we could during our stay. We had yummy food, made some lucky wins and saw Absinthe- hilarious but very crude! We stayed at Mandalay Bay for the first time, and it was beautiful!

Here we are at the Wynn heading to dinner- besides the Bellagio, this is my favorite Casino! We ate at SW's Steakhouse (our favorite) and then headed over to Ceaser's to catch our show. On Sunday, we got tickets to a Super Bowl Party where we spotted Charles Barkley a few tables over. Although my team didn't win, we had a fabulous time!

Until next time, Vegas...

Tuesday, January 30, 2018


The boys have now played 4 games and are still undefeated. Four more games to go!

Both boys struggle with being aggressive and Roen is still pretty timid about handling the ball, but they have both come along way since last year! At our last game, the stands were full of family cheering them on... I think there were 13 of us total!

Monday, January 29, 2018

100 Days of School...

Friday, was the boys 100th day of school. Remi's teacher sent me a few pictures and Roen brought home all kinds of 100 Day activities he did in school. They made a little book and on one page it says if he could eat 100 of anything it would be pickles. On another page, it says if he could have a 100 pets, he would have pythons!

Yay for being 100 days smarter!

Friday, January 26, 2018

School Dance Extravaganza...

The boys just finished up their dance unit in PE. Which meant, the parents were invited to come watch them dance during their PE times. What is even more fun, is that the parents are also invited to come down and dance with their child! Micah stayed in his seat as a spectator, but I have a hard time turning down an opportunity to dance, so I danced a song with each boy!

Roen is very shy, but he was super fun to watch! He was on the front row and giggled and smiled the entire time. Remi was very serious about his dancing! He has a hard time letting loose and kind of looked like a robot dancing- he was very intense on getting the moves just right!

(the itty bitty First Grade Class- my little Roen is right above the boy in the yellow shirt)