Monday, August 19, 2019


Early last week, we loaded up the boys with a few buddies and took them a few towns over to tour the Nocona Ball Glove Factory.

What a fun little afternoon we had! We had a few minutes before our tour began, and so when we walked in and saw an entire wall of Nocona baseball gloves, the boys immediately began trying them on and picking our their very favorites. At one o'clock, we were greeted and told the history of how Nocona leather products was created, how they came up with the unique spelling, and we even got to see some of the very first football helmets and gloves they made.

Next, they took us back into the factory so that we could see the entire process of glove making. I think are like 30 something steps! Remi was amazed by the embroidery machine- he said it was one of the smartest machines he'd ever seen! From the cutting of the leather, to the stamping, the lacing and all the to breaking the glove in, it was awesome to get to see behind the scenes!

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Mallorie's 7th Birthday...

Not long after we arrived back in the USA from St Lucia, we headed south to celebrate Miss Mallorie turning 7! It was a quick little two night stay, but we made the most of our time with swimming, mini golf, and time with family.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Leaving St Lucia...

On the morning of our departure, we slept in, got all our bags ready to be picked up, I snapped a last few pictures, we had breakfast, loaded back into the helicopter and finally walked through the front door about 3:30 AM. We arrived in the good ole Lone Star tired and ready for our beds, but what wonderful memories we got to take home with us!

My most favorite souvenir I bought. She is a little St Lucian native Christmas ornament. When you flip her dress over, it is another doll with a different outfit on! I just about died when I found her!

I really hope our traveling hearts take us back to this island one day- maybe when the boys are older and they can join the fun. It's hard to leave a place this beautiful and never know it you will ever be back. But, even if we don't the memories we made will last a lifetime.

Friday, August 16, 2019

St Lucia Day 4...

On our last full day in St Lucia, we planned an all day adventure where we explored the island.

We started our morning by heading out early to get our temporary St Lucian driver's license. From there, we hopped on dune buggies, headed through town, maneuvering through traffic all while on the wrong side of the road, wrong side of the driver's seat and operating a stick shift. It was a little intense until we made it out of town and into the mountains. But once we did, it was such a beautiful drive. We winded through the mountains, into the rainforest, in and out of villages and to our final destination which took about 1.5 hours.

Our second part of the excursion was zip lining through the rainforest. We went way up high, and then even higher, we went really fast, and then faster than fast until we had spent the whole afternoon riding all 12 zip lines through the tip tops of the trees. I think we all felt like little monkeys just having a hay day in the middle of a tropical nowhere!

After our afternoon of zip lining, our guide took us over to a secret little waterfall in the rainforest. I was expecting something small and sweet- this waterfall was anything but that! We hiked down to a little creek and as we turned the corner, out of nowhere, this enormous waterfall appeared. Out of the four of us, I was the only one that was going to get into the water initially, however, after was saw how beautiful it was, we all got in!

Our guide found a fresh coconut, cut it open and we snacked while everyone took pictures and dried off. Being the coconut lover that I am, I could not get enough- I have never had coconut fresh from it's shell like this, but it was delish!

After we packed back up, we all got settled in our buggies and started our long journey back to Castries. What a wonderful day we had exploring the rainforest, zip lining for the very first time and soaking up the beauty of St Lucia!