Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Santa Came...

Christmas morning, Santa came to our house!

My favorite part of Christmas will always be stockings. I loved peeking into my stocking full of goodies as a child, and as a parent, I love filling the boys stockings with knick-knacks even more! Micah and I don't get the boys much from us personally, so Santa gets the credit for almost everything they receive.

A green scooter and Nemo... what more does a boy need!

Well, maybe a bow and arrows

Real shark teeth... awesome!

We got home so late on Christmas Eve, that the boys fell asleep on the way home and didn't get to put out snacks for Santa... that's ok, I did it for them, lol!

We decided to get the boys their very first pets this Christmas. We already have Little Anne and don't really want another big animal at this point, so Roen got a fish (because he LOVES Nemo and everything shark/ocean related) and Remi got an ant farm...

Checking out Remi's ant farm

Checking out Roen's fish... which he named 'Fishy'

After seeing what Santa brought and opening our presents to each other and the boys, we headed to Gran's for Christmas lunch. While the men cooked steaks, the kids played outside and us women held down the fort :)

Of course, playing on the cellar is the funnest thing in the world...

After lunch, we came home and the boys played with all their new goodies while I organized and put away. What a wonderful Christmas Day we had!

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Cindy Rector said...

Looks like a great "wrap" to Christmas 2015! Love all the pictures.