Thursday, February 9, 2017

Pool Progression...

As of yesterday, gunite has been sprayed. There are still lots of things to do- like pick out pool tile, stone and brick, but I think next, the man who will create the rock slide will be out to go over details! That was the boy's main request, a slide and rocks to jump off of!

The boys could not believe their eyes when they got home from school!! I am so glad we are doing this when they are still at an age where concrete and big machines are fascinating to them!!

They were here at 6:30 yesterday to start spraying and I'm sure our neighbors loved us for this! I had to jump out of bed and go snap a picture of the rebar before they got started!

See those four long pipes poking up in the back? Those are for the rock slide!

To the right is the beach entry- my main request- where I plan on parking everyday this summer with a book in hand.

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Cindy Rector said...

Wow! Talk about progress...didn't they just get started last Friday??? Talk about toes in the water!!!! Let the good times roll. Keep the pics coming. Love y'all!