Friday, September 13, 2013

No More Naps...

About two weeks ago, I cold-turkey, took away Remi's nap. This was a decision that I had to think long and hard about. I LOVED my two hours a day when both boys napped at the same time. I could read, nap, clean....whatever I wanted. It was amazing.

However, Remi has never required that much sleep. Obviously, the older a child gets, they less sleep they need. This being said, it was getting to the point that Remi was staying up way to late simply because he was not yet tired. His bedtime has always been around 9:00. In the past months, it had gotten to the point to where we would tuck him in bed at 9 and he would get up and play in bed until 10:30! It was so frustrating because it gave Micah and I NO time together at night. By 10:30, we are ready for bed! So, I decided to take away his naps. He is still making the transition and he still gets overly tired some days, but for the most part I LOVE it.

This is him from last night and guess what time he fell asleep with no fight...? 7:45! That's right, by 7:45 this kid was out! My goal is to have him asleep every night by 8 because we have to be out the door by 8:30 for school three days a week. If he goes to bed any later than that, I end up having to wake him up in the mornings, thus making him overly tired in the late afternoons. Tired Remi= fits, crying, dramatic, whining... basically miserable to be around!

It does make me a bit sad that he no longer naps.... they just grow up so fast... right before our very eyes!

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Cindy Rector said...

Time does fly! It is still hard to believe that he is old enough for school. I still remember napping with him when y'all lived in SA. At least this gives you & Micah some time to hash out the day. Boys can be rowdy but when they are fast asleep they are hunks of love....tender & sweet!