Monday, September 16, 2013

A Weekend of Shopping...

I spent the weekend with some of my favorite people. My mom, my sister, my aunt, my cousin and my niece. I left the boys with Micah- which is the longest they have ever stayed with him alone and no help. Despite the fact that they didn't bathe or brush their teeth the whole weekend and ate a lunch consisting of goldfish, grapes, cookies and beef jerky, I think they made it ok.

I had a blast. It was so nice to get away with the girls. We had an amazing breakfast at Madhatters and shopped all day Saturday. I got lots goodies and some clothes for Fall. I cannot wait for Fall!

Here we are at breakfast all decked out in our Aggie gear...Whoop!


Cindy Rector said...

It was so much fun! Now see....30 isn't so it? Love you bunches.

Linz said...

So fun!