Monday, August 1, 2016


Last week, Micah and I decided to take a little trip to Vegas before Summer officially ended! Micah had been one time before on a work trip, but this was my very first time!

We had so much fun!!

We stayed at the Bellagio, watched a Cirque Du Soleil show, were amazed by Chriss Angel, ate lots of yummy food and of course, did some gambling and shopping!! I think we will definitely go back! We left early Monday and got back late Thursday... three days- three nights... perfect little adult getaway!!

I thought The Venetian and Caesars Palace had the best shopping, Aria had the best gambling, the Stratosphere had the best views, Bellagio had the best Art installations and Old Town Las Vegas had the most charm!

There are so many different places to eat, and we got lots and lots of recommendation from friends before we left, but most of the time, we threw plans out the window and ate wherever our little feet led us. My two favorite restaurants of this trip were Blossom (Aria) and Yardbird (The Venetian)- but I did have the most amazing lobster BLT at the Stratosphere too!!

When we got the airport, there were all these driving comapanies holding signs with people's last name, and I joked with Micah and said, "where's our sign?" Well, it wasn't long until I saw there was a sign with our name on it... Micah surprised me with a limo to take us to our hotel... he really is the sweetest!!

And we had a fountain view... it was amazing at night!!!

I was just in awe of all the beautiful art that filled the Bellagio... glass flowers, aquariums, sea-life made of real flowers- it was all so colorful...

I just loved the feel of Old Town. It felt so enclosed and old school! I really wanted to do the zip-lining through the streets, but Micah is not a huge fan of heights, so we skipped that and instead got an amazing caricature done that looked nothing like us, lol!!

Micah always calls me his little Indian Squaw- so this picture was a must!

Needless to say, this little piece of art did not come home with us, haha!!

We did lots of wandering around and exploring and this was what I loved! No schedule, no whining kids, just me and my love doing whatever we wanted...

(after the Cirque Du Soleil show)

I was expecting the heat to be unbearable, but because the casinos were so cold, I spent the entire trip in search of a cardigan to buy... which I never found!

Like I said, Caesars had AMAZING shopping- I spent almost and entire day down here!

And ya'll, as we were wondering around one morning I found a Sprinkles!!!! My heart was so happy as we sat on the little patio eating cupcakes for breakfast!!

Yardbirds! I cannot tell you how good this place was!! We had the BEST Fried Green Tomato BLT- it had pimento cheese on it (in case you didn't know, I love pimento cheese)!!!!

Headed to see the amazing Chriss Angel... this show was amazing and crazy and had me wondering if in fact, magic is real and if not, if Chriss Angel might be possesed!!

What a great time we had!!! And just like they say... what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas ;)


Mary Beth said...

HOW FUN!! Love hearing about your adventures :)

Cindy Rector said...

Sounds & looks like a great little vacation. Y'all were busy bees. Love the flowers in the Bellagio...and of course the fountains. So cool that yalls room looked out toward the fountains. Glad y'all had fun and thanks for sharing your pictures. were missed on this blog��