Saturday, December 17, 2011

Happy Saturday...

Lately, it seems like the boys are doing the silliest things!

Remi loves playing in 'secret' little nooks all over the house. One morning, I found him in the pantry just chillin'. It was priceless! Please don't judge the mess in kinda serves as the 'catchall'.

Roen LOVES the Christmas tree! In fact, he is constantly rolling up to the tree in his walker and always grabs the same ornament and chews on it. Of course, this is not safe, so I push him away from the tree. And I wish I had it on video...he literally throws a fit! It is so funny! He gets so mad that I take away the little ornament! Ha!

On this particular morning, I was blow drying my hair and this is what I found...Remi feeding his Lambie chocolate milk on our bed! He went to Roen's room, got the Boppy, got his little milk carton and was feeding Lambie!! It was so sweet!

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