Sunday, December 25, 2011

Santa Came...

Apparently, Santa thought the boys were really, really good this year!

This year, I told Micah..."Let's just get the boys a couple of things and not go over board. We know they will get so many things from family and friends." I actually thought I had done pretty well until I saw it all setting it. Oops! I guess when you hide it away in your closet it just kinda accumulates without you even realizing it!

I had the Christmas tree turned on so that when Remi woke up and came to our room, the first thing he would see were all their goodies from Santa. Roen woke up around 6:45 to eat and after I laid him back down to sleep I walked out of his room to find Remi standing in front of the tree in awe. It was so sweet! So, of course, I went and got Roen and we played with all our new toys!!

The boys are not in their cute matching pajamas, because we ddin't get home until 11:00 the night before and they just slept in what they were wearing: :(

Our Tree

Look Mom! Binoculars!

Handy Manny Pez!! One of Remi's favorites!

Roen's light and music of his favorites!

Ready for Chruch

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