Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Remi at 27 Months

These days, Remi is into so much!

He is talking more and more and thankfully, we are able to understand him better everyday! My favorite word that he says is 'orange'. It comes out sounding like 'onge'. It is just precious!

He loves to pretend with play food, dishes and anything else in the kitchen he can get his hands on. Right now, he is all about hot tea. Today, I actually made him a little cup of peppermint tea. We sat by the fire and drank it...he was in heaven!

Remi is sleeping better these days. When we first transitioned Remi to a toddler bed back in June, he was waking up every night and coming to get in bed with Micah and I. Since Roen was still waking up to eat, I let him because i was too tired to deal with it. However, we decided that once we moved into our new house, our bed was off limits. So, since September, Remi has not been sleeping in our bed. Yes, he still wakes up almost every night, but either Micah and I will go lay down with him until he falls back asleep. But, lately, he will sleep through the night 2-3 times a week. This is progress!

Remi is still head over heels for Mickey Mouse, and asks to watch 'mouse' all the time. Occasionally, he will watch Handy Manny or Blues Clues.

Remi has started going potty by himself. I have just dropped potty training for the time being, but lately, he has been going to the bathroom, taking off his pants and diaper and going peenpee in his potty. He usually puts his pants back on without a diaper and goes in his potty when he needs to for the rest of the day.

Lately, Remi has been spoiling Roen with hugs. This, of course, makes me so happy! I hope he continues to love on his little bro.

Has started saying 'Sorry' anytime he does something naughty. It is so sweet! We are trying to help him understand that when you are sorry, you don't keep doing whatever you are sorry about!

Remi's favorite game is 'hide'. He loves to hide and for you to come find him! He will hide in the same place over and over again! It is really cute...for awhile, then it gets old real fast!

Remi is still in the prime of his terrible twos. They seem pretty relentless at this point, so we are just doing the best we can to deal with them :) He loves to tell us 'no', yell in our face when we are not giving him full attention and deliberately disobeys and tests us on a regular basis! Some days, I literally think I will go crazy!

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