Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Break 2012

Even though we don't technically have a Spring Break anymore, we still wanted to do something fun with the kids! We decided to take them The Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine. It was only an hour away and looked like something the boys would enjoy; especially Remi.

Remi loved the 'whya pok' (water park)! Roen started feeling yucky on the second day, so we came home a day early. I was really bummed, but I wanted him to have his own bed and some peace and quiet from Remi. In a hotel room, it is really hard with them having such different bedtimes.

This was the day we got there...Remi could hardly wait!

This was one Remi's favorite things- the coin stamp machine. As you can see, he had no shame in running around in his swim diaper and his crocs :)

This was the second day. Roen wasn't feeling good so he did lots of this...

and Remi did lots of this...

Coloring before lunch

The Slide...
We tried and tried to get Remi to go down this slide! They wouldn't let parents go with the kids, so he was very nervous to go down by himself! Bless his heart, he would walk up the stairs, sit down and then decide that he didn't want to do it and then walk back down the stairs!

Walking up to the slide...very excited

You can barely see his little head poking above the slide. He is sitting down seriously contemplating this big decision!

'Maybe the blue slide will be easier"

And walking back down. He never did go down, but I bet next year he will!

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The Holik's said...

How fun!! I want to go there!!