Thursday, April 12, 2012

11 Months...

Today Roen is 11 months old! Way too close to 1 for this Momma!

Roen has four teeth and now has three more teeth about halfway through. Teething hasn't really seemed to phase him much. He just slobbers and chews on everything.

Is in 12-18 month clothing....he is a chunk!

Is happiest when he is down, free to roam about.

One of his favorite places to play is in Remi's toy box. There are cars, trains, animals and all sorts of things to explore!

This is the month I will start weening Roen. Part of me is ready, and the other part still wants to hang on to my baby!

This afternoon at lunch, I put milk in his sippy cup for the first time and he guzzled it down! In fact, I had to get him a refill. Like I said....he is ready to be weened!

Still takes two naps a day and goes to bed around 6. I look forward to a later bedtime for him and one nap. It will be a lot easier to go out and do things when him and Remi are on the same sleeping schedule. I also wont feel like I am constantly telling Remi, "shhhh, Roen is sleeping".

Roen is still my little sweetie pie. About 99% of the time he is happy and smiling.

He loves bath time, stroller rides, Remi, Little Anne, his little blue puppy, his push cart and his singing puppy (below in pictures). In fact, he loves his puppy so much, that he will crawl up to it and give it kisses on command!

He goes to the church nursery every Sunday and loves it. He doesn't even bat an eye when I leave him. He loves his Momma but is fine being in anyone's arms even if I'm in the room. It's crazy how different my boys are! At this age, Remi only wanted me!

He will eat anything you put in front of him

Has beautiful strawberry blonde hair the most amazing blue eyes I have ever seen. I realize I am biased, but seriously...have you seen his eyes?! :)

Isn't walking independently yet, but walks behind his push cart and along furniture

Is taking all naps in his crib now. A couple of weeks ago I just started putting him in his crib instead of his swing. I figured he was getting to old for that. Some days he just hops around in there and plays but for the most part it has been a smooth transition.

And this last picture...PURE SWEETNESS...


Cindy Rector said...

Love the pictures! He is one happy boy! Give him hugs & kisses from me and Gran. I'll show her the new pics. It will make her day. Love you all.

JENNY said...

So cute!

Kiley said...

He is the most happy and lovable baby! It seems like yesterday when he was born!

Diane Hemphill said...

Precious! Precious! Precious!
Love and Hugs,