Saturday, May 12, 2012


I remember when Remi turned one, he seemed so big to me. Roen still seems like such a baby...I guess because compared to Remi he is still a baby.

This one is hard. I am not ready for my baby Roen to grow up. I think because knowing this could be our last child, it makes it all that much harder.

At One Year Old...

Roen loves to eat. He is always the first one at the table and the last one to finish. He eats really slow and usually everything on his plate.

Loves peanut butter crackers, ritz crackers, bananas, yogurt melts and animal crackers

Didn't skip a beat with weaning. In fact, he never even acted like he noticed!

Has started going to bed later around 7 and now wakes up between 6:30-7. It is rare if he wakes up at all in the night.

Takes a morning nap around 9 and this past week, has not taken an afternoon nap at all. I make him stay in his crib while Remi naps even if he just hops around in there. I am thinking he might be pushing his second nap back to later in the day. He is definitely able to stay awake longer. This is hard, because for the longest time he would take his second nap at 12:30 with Remi. It was nice having a break to get things done. Oh well, I guess I will just be getting more one on one time with them.

Says Momma, Dadda and ByeBye

Is trying to stand by himself, but can't quite do it yet. Still walking behind things but not independently.

Has become a MAJOR momma's boy lately. Most of the time he wants me to hold him and if he sees me leave the room, he cries. If he is not in my arms, you will most likely find him at my feet asking to be held. I remember this stage with Remi. It is both sweet and hard!

Loves to copy anything Remi does

Thinks Little Anne is really funny

Loves bath time

Had his first sweet today during his photo shoot. A big, blue lollipop. He was very indifferent to it.


Whitnee said...

What a beautiful baby! I love his big smile and laugh. Happy 1st birthday baby Roen. I love you!

Lauri Anne said...

Happy Birthday, Baby Boy! You are very special and we all love you very much. You look adorable in your birthday pictures. Tell Mommy she did a great job! See you soon for your party!
Love, Hugs, and Kisses,