Thursday, September 13, 2012

Swim Lessons Week 2 & 3

We have made MAJOR improvement in swim lessons!

Both boys were sick week 2, so we had to miss. I was really upset because I was afraid we would be starting all over when week 3 rolled around.

However, Remi was a CHAMP!!! He started getting nervous when we were in the bathroom changing, telling me he didn't want to go swim. Micah gave him a pep talk, and he did great. At first he clung to his teacher, but no tears! He went under the water for the first time, and next week his goal is to go under for 2 seconds. He even put on his inner tube like a champ! Of course, we went over this many times so he would be prepared!

Roen still didn't love it, but he cried a lot less! He was way more independent in his exercises and even smiled a little! Right now, he is learning how to sit and stand in the water comfortably. He is also learning to float and put his ears under the water. Soon, he should be able to go under as well!