Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Progress in Pictures...

Here are the pictures I took of Roen. They are all cell phone pictures, but it's all I had...

October 9- at Cook Children's ER

October 9- right out of 'surgery'

October 10- after they put his feeding tube in

October 11- right after they took him off narcotics and took out his feeding/breathing tube

October 11- Oh happy day! We finally got to hold him!

October 12- Hanging out in his new room

October 13- This is around the time that he was having high fevers

October 14- feeling good enough to want to wear his sunglasses

October 17- getting some good 'Roen' smiles here and there!

October 17- your first real bath in 9 days! It lasted about 5 minutes and you were ready to get out. You still were having a hard time at this point.

October 18- this was the day that you suddenly seemed so much better!

October 19- this was the day Roen came back!

October 19- In fact, there was a possibility we could have gone home this day

October 19- I was so happy to see my little monkey back!

October 20- the day we got to go home

October 20- playing in the playroom waiting on the doctor to discharge us!

Oh and I forgot to mention, that this little booger went through 5 IVs. I felt so bad for the poor guy! He had them in both arms and both feet throughout our stay! He is such a wild man in his sleep, they kept getting pulled out- that and he hated being attached to tubes!

Glad we are done with is he!


Cindy Rector said...

What a journey! I am so thankful that this is behind you all and that Roen is getting back to life to its fullest. What a blessing to have so many prayer warriors out there for him and the rest of your family! Love & Hugs to all of you!

Wendi said...

So glad you're home and he's all smiles again.