Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012...

This year we spent Thanksgiving with Micah's family. We had lots of yummy food and enjoyed time with family. After lunch, we came home, let the boys nap and watched the Cowboys. Aunt Gigi brought the boys chocolate turkeys and I'm pretty sure Roen had his eaten before we even sat down for lunch! Don't worry, he still ate turkey too!

There is always so much to be thankful for, and as usual, we have been blessed abundantly this past year. But, this year has been a bit harder...

this was the last Thanksgiving my Grannie was alive. I am a little heart-broken that I didn't get to spend it with her. Actually, it is completely tearing me apart. Us 'kids' have it scheduled so that we are all home on the same holidays which means that on the off years, we are all also away at the same time. Because this was an off year, back home my mom, aunt, Grannie and brother were the only four at Thanksgiving this year. They put Grannie in her wheelchair and she sat and ate at the table for the last time (and the first time in a long, long time). I can't tell you the last time I had a meal with Grannie at the table. I wish I would have know that she would be gone only a week later, because nothing would have stopped me from eating my Grannie's dressing at the table beside her. For some reason I can't quit beating myself up about this. If only I could get that chance to do it over. But we don't get those chances...and right now it is so very hard.

All that being said, my hope is to start focusing on the blessing of family and loved ones the rest of the holiday season. Especially these two booger bears! If only they knew what Santa was bringing them... they just might pee their pants :)

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