Saturday, January 12, 2013

Lucy in the Sky...

This book is journal left behind by a 16 year old girl. She lives a very upper-class life and has a great home environment. Great parents and loving older brother. This book is very similar to 'Go Ask Alice' (which I also loved). It is an up close, 'in the mind' view of drug addiction and how one hit leads to the ultimate rock bottom. Because this book is so real, it is also so scary. Scary as a mom who will one day have teenage boys and scary because ultimately, we cannot protect our kids from all the evil of this world! I was reading this book any chance I got. It absolutely compelling. I saw bits and pieces of my high school self in this girl and I as I read it I was so thankful that I was able to steer clear of drugs. This story is heartbreaking and and times I didn't really want to keep reading for fear of what was going to happen next. This book is very short and could easily be read in one setting. If you've got kids read it! It will open your eyes.

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