Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Our Christmas...

Although, I loving spending time at Christmas with our outer families, Christmas with just Micah, I and the kids is my favorite. It is so fun to see the boy's faces light up and to share those moments with only Micah. It is just so special.

Of course, Remi found his loot first. He usually gets up around 6. We had to go wake Roen up because he usually sleeps until around 8. The boys got golf clubs (Roen's were wooden) and Strider Balance Bikes. They were excited about it all!

Remi wanted to leave Santa 'tookies', popcorn and milk. So that's what we did!

Remi was quite fascinated that Santa ate the treats we left, but commented that he didn't eat it all!

When we got back from San Angelo, there was still some left over snow from the white Christmas we missed. Remi was estatic as we drove into town and he saw all the snow on the ground. He kept telling me he wanted to build a 'stowman' and that he hoped our whole front porch was covered in 'stow'!


Kiley said...

I love this post and I love that Remi wanted to throw in some popcorn for Santa! Glad they got to see the snow and that y'all got to have your own little family Christmas!

Cindy Rector said...

These are the memories that will live forever in your heart!! Thanks for sharing.