Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Roen's Room Update...

I took down Roen's bumper pads and crib skirt a long time ago. He kept standing on the bumpers, pushing them down below the mattress. It was so frustrating to have to keep untying the bumpers and tighten them everyday. I felt like when I did that his room had no real focus. It is important to me that my kid's rooms are special places to spend time in. I decided to go with foxes because I love orange and Roen is kind of sneaky so it was fitting. Here are the little updates I added and now I feel like his room is sweet and special, just like him :)

1: Dr.Suess quote Fox Poster, yours truly

2: Marionette Bedding & Pillow

3: Fabric Fox Storage Bin , filled with all his beloved stuffed animals

4: Fox & Deer Prints {hangers not included, but I bought some on Esty}