Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Shooting Practice....

We are all about self protection at our home, so we go shooting quite often. Since we are way out in the bookdocks, we can just do it at the back of our property. Remi LOVES to go! The other evening, Roen and I went too. We hopped on the four wheeler, packed up the guns, amo and boys and off we went.

Micah shoots the most, but I like to get my practice in as well. Micah travels a bit so being comfortable with a gun is a must for me. I need to know that if it were just me and the boys at home, I could protect them. Anyways, the boys like to yell 'bang, bang' as loud as they can when the gun fires, but mostly they just play with the sticks and dirt :)

Remi ready to go, with pop-gun in tow! His boots are on the wrong feet and he is wearing his 'no-no car' pajamas...for the second day in a row! Ha!

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