Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Swim Ready...

Don't you worry, I have already started thinking about warmer weather! There are very few things I like doing more than swimsuit shopping, one, is swimsuit shopping for my boys! I think I just might have found the most dapper swim getup for the season. Hmmmm...wondering what Micah will think about his boys running around in fedoras :)

1: Straw Fedora Hat

2: Manta Ray Reef Collection

3: Native Slip-on Shoe

4: Speedo Silicone Goggles


Cindy Rector said...

Oh my how handsome will your "guys" look in the Fedoras....and their Anne & CiCi promise not to let them swim in their hats! lol Do you remember Remi's little Gap hat? I sure do. You were trying to be cool but I could see the steam rising!!

Kiley said...

Love it! I already bought Barrett his first swimsuit! I can't wait for them to all swim together :)