Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter in San Angelo...

While we were in San Angelo, we went ahead and did Easter with my family. Micah was out of town so he didn't get to come and the boys and I didn't get to stay very long. It was a quick, but sweet little trip.

This year, Roen LOVED hunting eggs. He didn't even care about what was inside, he just loved looking for them. In fact, even after they had found them all, he wanted to keep looking. It was really sweet. Remi loved it again this year, but had a really hard time waiting until it was time to hunt. He also kept an eye on the eggs Roen found and if Roen had an egg Remi wanted, he didn't hesitate to take it from his basket!

I think I have the most beautiful niece in the world :)

checking out their Easter baskets

Hunting eggs...

I caught this sweet little moment when they thought no one was looking!

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Cindy Rector said...

Great pictures! Let's do it've got time to get here and we can do the forgotten confetti eggs!Just a thought.... Happy Good Friday and may the Easter Bunny hop along your way and bring you lots of goodies. Love you all!