Saturday, June 8, 2013


by Sarah Mae & Sally Clarkson

This book was probably the most inspiring books I have ever read! I literally had my pencil out and underlined on almost every page. I wanted to make sure I could flip through the pages at anytime and get the encouragement I need. As a mom of little ones, I felt this book was spot on in it's protrayal of how 'desperate' I sometimes feel. This book encouraged me to take the burden of sacrificing it all for your family and understanding the true blessing that has been set before me.

There were so many amazing parts to this book, that I can't really go into all of them, but there are a couple I really want to share...

First of all, this book really put something on my heart that I want to share. Women were meant to help each other. Plain and simple. God intended the older women of the church to help the younger mothers. I truly believe this is a duty of older women in the church. Sadly enough, I do not feel like this happens. Here are some quotes from the book that really hit hard on this subject:

"Motherhood was meant to be experienced with other mothers, aunts, grandmothers, and a community of women sharing the Lord" pg 14

"...we need intimate friendships with other women. This deep need somtimes puts pressure on husbands to fulfill needs that they were never designed to fill." pg 20

"I want you to commit right now that, Lord willing, you will be that person for a few young women one day. I want you to tuck into your heart that one day ‹you will help a young mother with her laundry. That one day you will open up you home for a you mother to come and spend the night to have some quiet time alone. That one day you will volunteer to be in the nursery, so a young mother doesn't have to. That you will make yourself available to mentor and teach young women. That you will be the help you desperatly wish you had right now." pg 169

I think today, as a society in general, being a stay-at-home-mom is not regarded with the respect that it deserves. Sure it is hard work, but that is not what I mean. I mean that as christian woman blessed with the gift of children, it is MY DUTY to raise them in the love of the Lord. For me, this means that staying home with them is the MOST IMPORANT job I will ever have. I may not 'bring home the bacon' but if I bring my children to Christ I have done even more. The paragraph below, really gave me some peace because many times my role at home is not only not respected but been put below that job of a 'working' mother.

" The God who gave you your gifts and talents is the same God who gave you souls to bring up, train, invest in, and disciple. I don't know what His "dream" is for you, but I know that Scripture is filled with admonintions for a mama to make her home her focus and bring up her children. A mama's primary domain is her home. This doesn't mean you don't have another purpose that God wants you to fulfill while you're breathing on this earth, but your first and main purpose is to deeply invest in the souls He's given you, and you will struggle immensely if you do not have resolve rearding your role as a mother."
-pg 170


Whitnee said...

I can't wait to read this! You inspire be everyday. You are a wonderful mother to two sweet, handsome, funny little boys who already know Christ. You somehow manage to keep a spotless house, make a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner for your family. You do all the laundry and take wonderful care of your husband. All while giving your boys 110% of your attention. And you also somehow manage to look like a million bucks while doing it! You are amazing! You always listen and encourage me with parenting Mallorie without ever judging! Never doubt or let someone else make you feel like you are not doing an important, lauri Anne go above and beyond. I am blessed with calling you my sister, my best friend, and my baby girls aunt! Love u!

Linz said...

Yes, yes, yes! I couldn't agree more and I wish I had done more as a young single to help mothers.

The Probandt Family said...

How funny! I've been reading this for the past week and was just about to do a post on it too! I totally agree with you, it's super inspiring and just what I needed to read! Probably the best book for a Mama, ever! I'm planning on reading The Mission of Motherhood next it's by Sally Clarkson so it'll surely be inspiring.