Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Froggy is Back...

Monday night, Roen went pee-pee in the froggy potty all by himself for the FIRST TIME!! When comes to pottty training, I don't really push it. Remi just did it when he was ready and it was so easy. I plan on doing this with RoBear too. Although, he has already shown lots of interst just from watching Remi. If he is ever outside naked (which is often around here), he will stop playing go to the grass and pee. He learned this just from watching Remi!

Anyways, he had just gotten out of the shower (yes, him and Remi decided they wanted to shower instead of taking a bath) when he said he needed to peepee. I said "you need to peepee?" and he said "yeah". Since he was naked, I told Remi to run get the froggy potty. Remi got it out, excitedly took Roen to the bathroom and assisted him in his first independent potty episode!

I think Remi may have been more excited than I was.... he proceded to sit on the potty and use it himself! Never to be left out :)


Cindy Rector said...

Aren't big brothers wonderful!! So proud of Roen and enjoyed a good laugh at Remi using the potty too! This brings a new meaning to let's get Froggy! The sad side to this story is no more "baby"! :( Of course they will always be your "babies"!

Whitnee said...

Way to go RoRo!