Friday, July 12, 2013


I LOVE to paint, so of course, I LOVE to paint with my boys even more! It is so funny to sit back and watch them. Remi is VERY serious and wants everything just right. He doesn't want paint mixed, he doesn't like it to get messy and honestly, I'm sure he would rather Roen not paint with him! This is because Roen is very 'free' with his painting skills. He loves to get the paint all over his body, in his mouth and sometimes on his paper :)

Like I said, when Roen paints, very little actually gets on his paper!

Remi likes to fill every white space up with color!


Cindy Rector said...

So you think Roen has a little "indian" blood in him....looks like he's put on his war paint or camo. Remi did a great job. He is very serious about the clean up too. His brush looks like new!

Jessica said...

So sweet! You are my hero.... I love how AMAZING you are at documenting the every day in your house. I wish I was better at blogging. Love looking at pictures of you & your family. Sounds like Africa was just as incredible this year! Great kills!