Monday, August 12, 2013


Yesterday, after church, the whole family went to Babe's to celebrate August birthdays. It was really hot and we had to wait forever, but the boys had a great time hanging out with their big cousin, Collin! Just look at all this boyish cuteness...

During our church service, the kids go to children's worship. The boys love it and so do we :)

Anyways, I think the roles of my boys are shifting around a bit. My angel baby, Roen, yes Roen, was naughty in children's church!! Remi has always been my rambunctious and ornery child while Roen has always been my pleaser and laid back child. However, Remi HAS NEVER been naughty in children's church!!! I could NOT believe this!!!

Apparently, while 'Barbar' (Barbara has been teaching children's worship since Micah was a boy! Remi calls her Barbar) was walking past Roen with a stack of plastic cups, Roen hit them out of her hand and cups went flying everywhere!!! He also chewed off a piece of his styrofoam cup and swallowed it after he was asked to spit it out!! What in the world!! I could not believe he did this!!! I guess Roen is gonna give Remi's 'terrible two's' a run for their money!!!!

Don't get me wrong my kids do things like this at home all the time! In fact, they often do much worse. However, both my kids are usually well-behaved with other adults. I just cannot believe my sweet little Roen had this much nerve!

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Cindy Rector said...

Boys just wanna have FUN!!! They are so adorable! Roen looks like he was in a mood for nothing but fun on Sunday. I could not help but laugh...know you are surprised! Of course it always happens at church. You must remember he has learned from the BEST...Missing those boys...where did the summer go? BTW...Remi is loving him some tattoo's...he'll have a "full" sleeve before you know it. Enjoy your week and give them lots of hugs & kisses from CiCi!