Saturday, September 21, 2013

Today, Remi is FOUR...

This morning when Remi woke up around 7, he immediately requested to watch Paw Patrol with Anne (my mom got into town last night).

This was our conversation as we sat on the couch....
Me: do you feel four today?
Remi: Mmmm Hmmmm. I am, for real. But I can't drive yet.

I can't believe my sweet baby is FOUR YEARS OLD! Oh, how time has truly flown. Here is a little bit about my sweet Remi Roo...

-Favorite food: PB&J sandwich

-Favorite TV show: Max & Ruby, Paw Patrol

-Goes to bed around 7:30 and sleeps to about 7:30. Takes no nap but occasionally will sneak a nap in the car or in his chair during quite time (when Roen naps). On these days, he won't go to bed until after 10!

-Loves 'fixing the electricity' with his tools and driving his gator

-Loves to listen to music on my old Iphone. His favorite is Zac Brown Band...especiallys 'Toes'

-His best friend is Roen. They keep each other great company and really look out for each other despite all the fighting, biting and hitting

-Loves school. He is a wonderful student and so far has made sure to be on his best behavior to avoid being sent to the 'thinking chair'

-Is one of the most thoughtful, kind little boys I know, with a huge heart! He really hates disappointing us and gets his feeling hurt easily.

-If one of us is ever upset or not feeling good, Remi gets very concerned. He likes us all to be happy all the time!

-Remi continues to be extremely strong-willed and challenges us daily! Sometimes we want to pull our hair out, but we are beyond blessed to have this little fire ball in our lives!

-Has a hard time sitting down and doing things like coloring or looking at books. This little fella craves stimulation and gets bored pretty easily.

-Remi still likes to be played with. He is not one that likes to play alone much.

-Wears 4T clothing and size 10 in shoes

Here are his pictures from his little photo shoot today...


Whitnee said...

Happy birthday Remi!! I love you so much! Wow lauri he sure is a Handsome fella! Look at those eyes!!!

Cindy Rector said...

Happy Happy Birthday Remi....I love you a lot and a little bit too! You did a great job on the photos. He is a handsome "young" man. Time does fly! By the way...I really like your new Davenport Banner! Love you all!

The Holik's said...

Happy birthday remi!!