Saturday, October 5, 2013

I Am The Messenger...

by Markus Zusak

Ok, so I instantly read another Zusak book because The Book Thief was so good. I have to say that you would never know the same author wrote these two books. Yes, they are both very compelling, but in completely different ways.

There was something very addicting about this book. I could not put it down! That being said, there were several issues I had with the storyline. First of all, I tend to be an extremest. So when reading I like the fiction to be 100% without a doubt fantasy or something that feels believable in day to day life. I am not saying that if it does not fall into one of these categories I don't like it (murder mystery, for example) but for the most part, this fits the bill for me. This book was a little far-fetched to fall into real life but was written in that way. All this to say that as I was reading I often found myself thinking it was a bit silly to the point of me feeling like the author was putting his amazing writing abilities in detriment.

I also wasn't crazy about the ending. It built up, and built up through the whole book and ended rather quickly with the mystery being solved and me feeling very let down. I did however, LOVE the main character. He was believable and real. Like I said, it was very addicting, so that says a great deal about this book, as well. Pick it is a great read.

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