Friday, November 8, 2013


Ya'll, Remi is seriously obsessed with hunting! For his birthday, all he wanted was "huntin' stuff". He has been begging Micah to take him hunting and hopefully soon, things will slow down a bit and they can go. I guess he got a bit impatient because the other afternoon he had me help him put on all his hunting clothes, got his gun and his hunting bag and headed out to the front yard. It was rainy and cold...the perfect hunting weather. I think he might have gotten a bear and coyote :)

I just love that the boys are full of outdoor adventure and are following right in their daddy's footsteps. We have been teaching Remi where to shoot animals and why hunting is an important skill to have. Who knows, maybe in a few years, Remi will be providing the family with meat for the year!


Cindy Rector said...

Adorable....these pictures would have stolen Randy's heart!!! He wears his camo proudly. It will be an exciting adventure when Micah gets to take him out and he gets his first kill. Happy Friday y'all. Love you bunches and if I haven't said it lately....thanks for taking the time to post these adorable pictures.

Ashley Estes said...

This is too precious! I don't always comment, but I really do love reading your blog & keeping with the adventures of Remi & Roen.