Monday, November 18, 2013

Remi's 1st Hunting Trip...

So, last Saturday, (November 9th) Micah finally took Remi deer hunting for the first time. Remi was so excited the night before he could hardly stand it! However, I don't think he realized just how early he was going to have to get up. At a little before 5am, when Micah went to wake him up, he said, "why you do that, daddy?". Poor thing he was so tired and so out of it, that at first he didn't know why he was getting woke up! Micah took him straight to the truck in his pj's and with a pillow. From there, they met up with Uncle Larry and Pops. Before hitting the road, they made the traditional stop at Mom's Donut Shop.

I've got to be honest, there was a part of me that was a tad bit jealous. Before we had kids, it was me who Micah took hunting. I guess my time for that is over, but it sure is a sweet little trade-off!

Remi is scared of the dark. So after they got off the four wheeler and headed to their blind by foot, Remi made Micah carry him...and the blanket, and the gun and everything else. I sorta knew that as going to happen though :)

Micah said Remi was cold, bored and grumpy at first, but then took a long nap. After he woke up, they saw several deer. They were too young to shoot, but Remi didn't quite understand this. He ended up getting mad at Micah for not taking the shot! However, later they shot a bobcat and Remi loves retelling this story!!

They came home after lunch and although Remi was exhausted, he LOVED getting to get all 'camoed out' with his daddy! I forsee many more of these trips in Micah's future...

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Cindy Rector said...

Great memories being made. He looks so serious in the last picture....but he looks adorable in his camo!!!