Monday, November 25, 2013

Remi's School Thanksgiving Program...

Remi's First school program was on Friday. I cannot tell you how excited I have been for this day!! The 3 yr old classes dressed up as Indians, preformed for the parents and then we all sat down and had a mini feast. It was just precious!

His class worked really hard all week preparing food, learning songs and the story of Thanksgiving. I actually heard Remi teaching Roen the Bear Hunt chant in the back of the car last week. It was so cute!

As we waited for the program to begin, Roen was of course, being the little monkey that he is... rolling around on the floor, digging through my purse and refusing to sit down. However, once it got started, he was glued to his seat and loved watching his big brother up there on that stage. It made me a bit sad when I realized next year he would be up on that stage too!

The food the kids made

My sweet little Indian

Remi with his teacher... bless this lady... there are only two girls in the whole class!

showing off his tee-pee

Remi pointing to the story of Thanksgiving

Remi and two of his friends that are also in his bible class at church. The little boy on the right is one of Remi's very best friends.


The Holik's said...

How precious!!

Cindy Rector said...

Wow...he is growing up way too fast! Cute as a bug in his pictures. Roen is definitely tuned in!!