Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Books Of January...

So, this year, I have decided to feature the books I read every month instead of as I finish them. Though I didn't really have any resolutions for this new year, I did set myself some fun goals. One of these goals is to discover a new author that I love each month. This month was Jojo Moyes. I read three of her books this month. Moyes is an amazing storyteller and has written quite a bit, therefore, I had a rather large selection to choose from.

Me Before You: The first book I read of Moyes. Her storytelling skills are out of this world. She bases her stories heavily on love and relationships. This book is tied for second with the Kate Morton novel. I think I cried the most on this read. You will too. This tragic love story is one of the best you will EVER read!

The Girl You Left Behind: My favorite for the month. A must read that will have you balling your eyes out!

The Forgotten Garden: I LOVE Kate Morton. Her stories almost always involve a 'now and then' storytelling style that jumps from present to past as her stories unfold to reveal secrets of the past. This book was a bit haunting- in an amazing way- and had me guessing through the very end.

The Last Letter From Your Lover: This is the only book of Moyes that hasn't made me cry. The story was fabulous, but really left me feeling sad... kind of in a depressed way. This was my least favorite. This being said, I loved this book, it just ended with me wanting more... I wanted her to finish the love story... 50 more pages and she would have nailed this one!


Cindy Rector said...

Way to go....I wish I could be as dedicated to reading as you are. I need to get back to it. It really is relaxing! Thanks for the recommendations.

Mary Beth said...

I love your book posts! I just got a new Kindle, so I've been looking for some good reads :)