Monday, March 31, 2014

Building is SLOW...

So, we have been at this whole house building thing since November- 4 months- and one thing is for sure; this process is slow! It really seems as though not much has been done since my last update. Though it may seem this way, I know it's not entirely true, it's just that what has been done is not exciting. I am updating with pictures just for the sake of keep the progress documented, but the following is pretty boring...

They framed the arches (three total)

They put in our HVAC

The boys bathtub came in and they installed all the plumbing in the walls

They framed out the top of our columns on the front porch (the bottom portion will be brick)

My fireplace came in and has been installed. I say 'my' because it is the library... this will be my equal to Micah's mancave in the shop

The doors came in for the shop

and they started insulating the shop

Probably the MOST EXCITING is the roof... it is finished....

*They also installed all the gas lines and our propane tank


Cindy Rector said...

It is progress. I love your fireplace. The roof looks good and isn't it interesting to see how things come together. Like the posts out front. I always knew there was some type of support before the brick or rock was put in place but until now I didn't know. The shop is looking great. Looks like the man cave may be ready soon!!

The Holik's said...

Your roof is beautiful!! It's coming along!! So exciting!!