Monday, March 3, 2014

Dad's Night...

Friday night, was Dad's Night at Remi's school. Remi was so excited to get to show him around! Micah said they had different game centers and had cookies. He also said Remi was really shy the whole night. The coolest thing they did though, was draw each other. I absolutely love this activity and am in love with their drawings. In fact, I think I will frame it and put it in their new playroom.

Micah put a spider on his drawing of Remi because he wanted to be Spiderman. Remi wrote 'Dad' on the bottom of his picture of Micah. I still can't believe he is old enough to write!

Mom's night was last weekend, but instead of being selfish and making him go to Mom's Night with me, I let him go on his boy's weekend. I am still really sad I miised it and will probably always regret it :(

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Cindy Rector said...

How sweet! The drawing is priceless. Certainly worthy of hanging on the wall. I'm sure you noticed the detail of Micah's chin in Remi's drawing...I did! It is so hard to imagine him being such a grown up little man! I think you should do your own Remi & Mom drawing...then you will have a pair for the wall. As always...thanks for sharing. Love you guys!