Wednesday, March 12, 2014

New Home Purchases....

Probably, the most (and stressful) part of building a house is picking every little thing out. For me, our home will be all about the little details that no one will really notice but me. I am the homemaker.... thus, everything needs to be to my liking :)

I have a thing for historic homes. Actually, I have an obsession with historic homes. The charm, the stories, the character, these are the things that make me happy. I always say I was born in the wrong era and this is just another affirmation of that! Anyways, I have taken an extreme of time searching for the perfect pieces to fill our home. One thing I am really particular about are sinks. I know this seems so ridiculous, but think about how many times a day you use a sink. It should be something pleasant to look at!

For our master bath, I found this amazing 4ft trough style sink. I have never really been a huge advocate of dual sinks. I get that it is convenient for some couples, but Micah and I are rarely ever getting ready at the same time much less, using the sink at the same time. This way, we each have our own faucet but I only have one sink to clean!

I am a sucker for wall mounted sinks. The only drawback, is that they provide no storage. But let's face it, boys don't need storage. So I decided the boy's vanities were the perfect place to put my beloved wall mounted sinks. I fell in love with the old schoolhouse feel they have. And how cute is the soap dish on the faucet.... I can't wait to put a fresh bar of soap on there... and then tell the boys it is only for looks... maybe I'll just put some fake soap on there.... what is wrong with me!!

One of the most important things in the entire house to me, is the kitchen sink. I use it minimally 3 times a day and spend alot of time in the kitchen preparing meals and washing dishes. This, had to be perfect. The sink I finally found and purchased is a vintage 1954 piece and weighs a whopping 195 lbs. She is so lovely and came all the way from Louisianna. This mid-century, double-basin beauty has drainboards on either side and is 66 inches wide. I spotted one of these sinks years ago when Micah and I were first married... I have bookmarked it in my brain and now I will one day get to do dishes in this sink. Ya'll I'm so excited about this sink I could cry! The pictures didn't do it justice so you will just have to wait until it is installed. (I also got a mini drainboard sink for the laundry room)

The cute little fixtures for the playroom are nothing spectacular, but it ties into the whole ambience of our new home.

I am sure I will be posting more fabulous finds as this process continues. As of now, Micah has me knee-deep in spreadsheets & budgets trying to keep my champange taste in check :)


Cindy Rector said...

I can't wait to see the house when it's all put together. Is the kitchen sink cast iron? I remember those sinks with the built in drain boards.

The Holik's said...

Details are so fun!! Love it all!!