Monday, May 12, 2014

Roen is THREE!

Roen LOVES Lucky Charms, spaghetti, cheese, Welchs fruit snacks and chips & hot sauce. But his MOST FAVORITE is CHEESE. He requests it at every meal and has to have ranch to dip it in!

Roen also LOVES emergency vehicles! Firetrucks, police cars and ambulance... you otta see this boy's excitement when he spots one from the car window!

Still sleeps in his crib. He doesn't ever crawl out... I still have to go get him out of bed when he wakes up.

Naps from about 1-3 everyday, goes to bed around 7:30 and sleeps to about 7:30 or 8. Continues to be a great sleeper. Has to have pup dog and blankie to go to sleep

Favorite TV shows: Max & Ruby and Paw Patrol

Roen loves to randomly snort and say "I uh piddy (piggy)"

Loves Superman, baseball and riding his bike

Is a very sensitive little fella. There are many times that he will get his feelings hurt if you tell him not to do something- his eyes instantly fill with tears and he asks for pup dog and his blankie

He hates getting into trouble and will most likely completely shut down in a stubborn fit when he does get into trouble.

He is very sweet with baby cousins. Just when he thinks no one is looking, I will catch him giving little bitty sweet kisses and hugs.

Roen and Remi fight all the time! However, Roen seems to be my peacemaker. More often than not, if Remi tells or asks Roen for something, he will do it without a second thought.

Wear 8/9 in shoes, 3T in most clothing and is completely diaper free during the day. Pull-ups at nap and nighttime- sometimes underwear.

Picks me flowers wherever we go!

Roen is so goofy. He loves laughing and smiling. His little voice may be one of my most favorite things about him. I wish I could just bottle it up. It is almost a British Redneck mix- he rounds out all his words and has the deepest little voice!

Roen never really went through the terrible twos... I think he saved it for THREE!! This past month, has brought on major behavior change in my sweet little fella! He is becoming more demanding and the fits... oh, the fits!! Lets just say that after Remi's three's, I figured I could handle ANYTHING- but sweet little RoRo, you definitely give your big brother a run for his money!!

RoenBear, you will always be my baby no matter what. I will probably always baby you on some level and you will probably always get away with way more than you should. Watching you grown up has been such a sweet journey and I can't believe my baby is 3!!

Remi DID NOT like being left out of the pictures...


Cindy Rector said...

Happy Birthday dear Roen! His personality is one of a kind and you did a great job capturing it in the pictures. Love the cute shot of Remi too!! Sweet that he didn't want to be left out of the shoot. Hope you all have a great day!!! Love you all.

The Holik's said...

Happy Birthday to Roen!! Precious pictures!!

Whitnee said...

Happy birthday sweet RoRo! You are so loved!