Wednesday, June 11, 2014

NYC... Our Last Day...

Day Three Itinerary:

On this day we accidentally overslept, which meant we didn't have time to shower...

We quickly threw on our clothes and headed to Battery Park where we boarded the ferry to see Liberty and Ellis Islands. Except we spent such a long time at Liberty Island, that we didn't actually make it to Ellis Island. Thats ok, we really just wanted to see Miss Liberty in all her glory!

We got pedestal passes. There were three choices, pedestal, crown or just entry to walk around the statue outside. I definitely wanted to go inside, because I wanted to see the museum- which was AWESOME- but knew going up hundreds of stairs to the crown would just be too much. So, we went up between 400-500 stairs and still got a great view from inside!

A replica showing how big her foot is!!

After we spent too much time here, we quickly headed back to the hotel, finally showered and were out the door in 40 short minutes to catch the matinee showing of Mamma Mia. This show was our least favorite... it was fun, but really just couldn't compare to the others that we saw.

From here, we headed over the Chelsea Market. This was really a hidden little gem in our day because we didn't realize what a cool place it was until we got there. While in NY I really wanted to visit a little bakery called Elini's- they make the cutest cookies. Elini's just happened to be in the Chelsea Market. The Market was full of neat bakeries, restaurants, shops and art. It felt like a secret underground world! I loved it! We ate dinner at an Italian place called Rana's. I got lobster pasta... mmmm.... it was delicious!

Eating our taxi and 'big apple' cookies on the way to see Matilda...

After dinner, we milled around a bit more and then headed back to Times Square to see our final show, Matilda! This was not really planned. I was a little sad once we got to NY that we weren't going to get to see it (I love the movie) and so one afternoon, we popped into the theatre, and what do ya know, they had two great seats that we were able to snatch up! Matilda was SO GOOD! Most of the actors were children and they were all so amazing!! This might have been my favorite :)

We walked back to the hotel and ended the night eating our Elini's cupcakes in bed :)

The next morning we headed to the airport and landed in Texas with hearts full of New York Love :)

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Cindy Rector said...

Awesome....I just can't believe that y'all crammed in all this fun in 3 days! I told Anne that when the boys are grown and out of the house you can be a tour guide for "old" ladies wanting to go to the Big Apple. Me being one of the "old" ladies! Love you and this was such an amazing gift for your mother!