Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Few Disney Favorites...

I thought these little gems deserved a post all on their own! I loved ET when I was a kid and even though my boys have NO CLUE who ET is, the ride was fun and they loved taking these pictures!

I secretly wish I could have gotten my picture made with ET :)

On a side note, this was the ride that Remi's curious little hands almost got him into serious trouble!

Since we had guides, we entered rides through the exits. It just so happened that the control panel for the ride was in hands reach of where we were waiting to get on the ride. I turned my head for a second and when I looked back at Remi, he was standing at the control panel (which was unattended) with his hands on all the buttons! Luckily, he hadn't had time to push anything, but my heart races at the thought of what could have happened to people getting on and off the ride had Remi had a few more seconds with those buttons!

We are really trying to work on keeping our hands to ourself and not touching things that don't belong to us, but unfortunately, Remi is drawn to buttons and his curious hands lack the self control and desire to stay away from buttons, pulls and switches!

It is worth mentioning that he also knocked down an entire drumset in the hotel deli that was displaying food because he started turning all the knobs that held it together!

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Cindy Rector said...

They look so grown up! I love these pictures! When the boys get older you will have to show them the movie E.T.