Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Westhaven: Our Last Days..

The last days at Westhaven were spend relaxing, getting massages and hiking. It was on our second day, that I found my favorite spot on Earth! We hiked through the Nikau Forest- the second largest Fern Forest in the world- to Turtle Bay. It was right before sundown, the weather was perfect, the beach breathtaking and as I sat on a large rock at the bay, I felt like I was looking into Heaven. It was like nothing I have ever experienced. As the tide came in, we had to head back and I swore right then and there, I would never forget the way this place made me feel.

This is my little piece of Heaven on Turtle Bay

This rock looks just like a face!

We also hiked up the The Hilltop. This little hike was a quick little hike that overlooked our lodge. However, when we got up there, we were so high that the wind was literally blowing us over... I could barely stand! I really thought there was a good chance I would be blown over the mountain!

I just loved all the Alpacas!

You can just barely see our lodge tucked in the hills

Next, I will show you where we headed from Westhaven...

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Cindy Rector said...

New Zealand is just nature at it's best!! I can only imagine how awesome it is in person. Thank you so much for taking lots of pictures and sharing on the blog. And on a final note....sure wish you could have carried that rock, the face one, home with you. It would look great in my yard!!!