Tuesday, September 30, 2014

First Game...

Well, I have to be honest.... Remi isn't so interested in flag football. Practices have not gotten much better and the game on Saturday wasn't great either.

First of all, the jerseys are so big that they look like dresses!

The first half was the worst. Remi had caught a little lizzard as he waited for the game to start. He DID NOT want to go out on the field because he couldn't take his lizard. I ended up getting him to somewhat cooperate by telling him I would just hold it for him. However, I accidentally dropped it and every time he came out of the game he instantly wanted to find his lizard. It was not fun!

By the second half, he had forgotten about the lizard and at least willing went out on the field... but that is about as good as it got. He sat down... a lot (I'm surprised he didn't get trampled) and walked around in his own world looking for lizards. He did run a couple of times which made me cheer from the sidelines like he had just scored a touchdown :)

The good thing is, we only have 5 more games!

And here are some of the spectators who came to watch...

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Cindy Rector said...

He's so cute!! How did you get that jersey tucked in without it coming out the bottom of his shorts??? So football may not be his thing but he's giving it a try. Go Remi.