Monday, September 15, 2014

Flag Football...

This evening, Remi had his first flag football practice. I was really excited about flag football, because it seems to be right up Remi's alley... with the flags around the waist and all :)

However, he didn't nap and I guess I should have drugged him with Benadryl or something because tired Remi is ALWAYS uncooperative. When I saw Remi yawning half way through practice, I knew trouble was coming. Sure enough, soon after, he left the team to come over to me to say that he was done with practice. I finally got him back on the field with bribes and threats only to be enlightened later in the car that "It was boring and I don't like it at all".

We have another practice this week and I am hoping that a nap will make a big attitude difference or this might prove to be the longest 8 weeks ever!

Sweet little spectators

Stretching... he was still smiles at this point

Getting the flags.... loving this

"Huting" the ball

And this is how we ended... see that boy over on the right playing with bugs and grass... that would be Mr. Remington... having not a care in the world about his coach, team or flag football...

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Cindy Rector said...

Another fun time!! His stretching form is perfect. Keep us posted on his "attitude". Love the spectators!!