Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Well, today, was the boy's orientation. Roen finally got to meet his teacher, classmates and see his classroom. According to their teachers, both boys were very quiet. The students stayed in their classrooms for about an hour while the parents met with the director. Tomorrow will be their first official day at school.

Roen did great. His shyness kicked in a bit as we stood at his classroom door and I think I caught a glimpse of apprehension in his eyes, but he gave his teacher her present and slowly walked into his classroom with a smile on his face. I, however, almost lost it as I led him into his room.... his sweet little smile.... those big blue eyes... his heart of gold... can't he stay my baby forever!?

Remi was so proud to tell Roen what to expect and led him into the school. He was very sweet and reassuring with his words to his little brother.

When I picked them up, Roen seemed a bit disappointed because they didn't get to play at the playground- we have been driving by the playground and talking about getting to play there when school starts all Summer. Bless his heart, he probably thinks school is a just a place to play :)


Cindy Rector said...

Oh my goodness...they are so handsome!! Can't believe they are growing up so fast. Wishing them a great school year. You may need extra Kleenex !!!

Whitnee said...

Wow! I love the pic of them holding hands!! Such sweethearts! I agree with cici.. You have very handsome boys and both have big hearts!! Good luck to all of you!!