Thursday, September 18, 2014

Our Driveway....

I honestly, can't believe they started the flat work today for our drive way! It seems they rarely start a project on the scheduled day! Not only did they start it, they were all there at 8:00AM and by the time I dropped the boys off for school and got there around 9:15 they had already started laying forms! I feel like the concrete work and landscaping will really take the outside from 'in progress' to 'home'! The plan is to pour the concrete Saturday (if it's not raining) and from there, they will put in sprinklers, grass, flower beds and our mailbox.

Here are some other little tidbits they did yesterday...

Powder room sink

The pebble tile FINALLY came in for our master shower

The kitchen faucet

The boys bathroom sinks... If you remember, these aren't what I originally picked out. Here was ANOTHER sink issue we had. When I found them online, it clearly stated 'bathroom sink'. However, when they came in, it was so big that Roen could have actually sat in it and taken a bath... I think it was intended as a single basin kitchen sink.

I knew I wanted wall mounted and since it had already been plumbed that way, I didn't really have much of a choice but to go with that option. Even though, these little sinks are not what I had envisioned, they give the boys enough counter space to put a cup for their toothbrush or soap if needed and I really do think they are pretty cute. You can't see it in the picture, but there are gray barn lights mounted on this wall and medicine cabinets will be mounted above the sink.


Cindy Rector said...

This is so exciting!! Maybe it won't rain Saturday. Can't wait to see it all & celebrate Remi's birthday.

The Holik's said...

Yay for the workers actually showing up! That will put a bounce in your step!! The sinks are gorgeous!!