Sunday, September 21, 2014

Today Remi is 5...

At five years old...

Remi's favorite colors are red and blue

His favorite restaurant is Babe's Chicken Dinner (we go every Sunday after church just for him)

His favorite food is peanut butter and jelly sandwhich... he requests it everyday for lunch! In fact, he would rather eat this than anything else. If we are in town running around and I ask the boys if they want to stop and pick up food or go home and eat, Remi will almost always say go home and eat.

Remi is my home body. He LOVES being at home. He loves the freedom of exploring, imagining and building.

His favorite TV shows are Tom & Jerry, Clifford, Martha Speaks & Curious George

Remi LOVES animals. Anything from a silly little frog to a big ole' puppy dog... he wants to cuddle and keep any animal we come across. He loves capturing bugs and putting them in his bug habitat, but if they ever die, he will most definitely get upset and cry :(

Remi very rarely plays with a toy the 'right' way. In his eyes, everything needs to be altered- usually with duck tape, a bungee cord or rope.

Remi continues to be a great eater and will eat almost anything I put on his plate.

He no longer naps- except on the rare occasion that he gets behind on sleep. He goes to bed around 7:30 and wakes up around 7. While Roen sleeps, he loves laying on my bed and watching his TV shows. He wakes up often in the middle of the night and makes a palette in our room. He tends to get scared and Micah and I both feel that making him lay in bed being scared is mean, so we always promise him, that if he wakes up in the middle of the night he can come to our room.

Remi's best friend is Roen. He loves that Roen takes orders from him and listens to everything he says intently. They love making tents, pretending and building things together.

Remi is the life in my day. He never hesitates to let his presence be known and loves one on one attention. He is extremely head strong and has no problem telling us 'no', 'your mean', 'don't talk to me', or 'I don't like you'. Remi is happiest when he is with other people (he doesn't really like being alone) and being played with. He challenges both Micah and I daily (sometimes hourly it seems) and though he can be hard to reason with, we are both so very proud of the strong little man he is becoming. Remi is extremely sensitive and caring... he has the biggest heart and feels his emotions to the fullest! When he is happy, the smile on his face can bring me to tears, and when he is sad, he will cry and tell me his heart is broken. You never have to wonder how Remi is feeling because he will either tell you or you will see it written all over his face. He is filled with deep curiousity and has a desire to learn and figure things out. So far, he seems to be really interested in Science. He LOVES doing experiments and learning how things work. Remi is a collector and will collect ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. I allow him one junk drawer (in his night stand) and I have to clean it out weekly. The things I find in that drawer never cease to amaze me... anything from cut up rubber bands (that are super important) all the way to leaves, rocks, sticks and cords. This little fella loves anything in nature and takes 'all boy' to whole other level! I think if I had know Micah at this age, these two might have been a lot alike :)


The Holik's said...

Happy Birthday Remi!!!

Cindy Rector said...

He is amazing!! May all his days be filled with adventure!! Love him to pieces.