Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Master...

Well, here is a little look at the master bedroom and bath. These were the only two areas of the house that I would say are 'big'. Hopefully we will be in this house forever, so it was kind of important to do them 'right'.

Here is our bedroom. Please ignore the bare shelves... that will take time. Of course, on the other wall is a TV, but who really needs to see that :) I was pretty adamant about having built-in night stands with storage. Micah LOVES to unpack his pockets at the end of the day and he is like Mary Poppins in this way... they seem to hold all sorts of junk that I really don't like looking at... so I gave him two drawers to cure that situation :) Oh, and he likes to sleep with a million pillows so that lower cabinet makes the perfect spot to hide those!

On the left, double doors open up into our bathroom... maybe my favorite room of the house. We made our bathroom big and open with lots of white... a white bathroom makes it feel extra clean to me :)

The doors on either side of the mirror are our closets.

And here is my closet. I put a sweet little gold chandelier in my closet because honestly, every girl deserves a chandelier to light her most important space. I also wanted floor to ceiling built-ins in our closet. My hopes were that by putting storage in the closet meant we didn't have to clutter up our bedroom with big dressers. I sort of like a room to have space to breath. My closet isn't huge, but it is for sure the biggest I have ever had....

On one side I have triple rods- the other side has hanging for dresses and off-season up top. Also on either side, are little shoe towers. The are only wide and deep enough to hold one pair of shoes, but the shelfs are adjustable and they go all the way to the ceiling which gives all my boots a perfect little home.

I am waiting on some outdoor furniture to arrive before I show pictures of the outside, but those will be next. Happy Thursday!

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Cindy Rector said...

Oh my!! It is absolutely beautiful. I'd spend a lot of time in that area. Perfect retreat at the end of a long day. Again thanks for sharing!! So worth the wait isn't it!! Love you.