Friday, January 23, 2015

Airplane Ride....

Well, ya'll, I finally did it. The boys and I flew to San Angelo.... And I did it all by myself!! I have often considered flying home because it would be so much faster and in many ways easier then the 4.5-5.5 hour road trip by myself.

However, my boys are very 'boy' and unpredictable in their behavior so it was also very daunting. I could just imagine a huge meltdown at security with long lines waiting behind us as one of the boys threw themselves on the floor refusing to walk through the sensor gate or one of them telling the security checker that I was NOT his mom... the scenarios go on and on... and with my boys they are all extremely possible.

But on Monday (the I was supposed to drive home in order to see my sister have her baby) Remi ended up having fever, throwing up and all that mess. I decided to keep him home in order to keep germs away from the new baby.

Monday night, my sister actually went into labor and so I was up really late getting updates on her progress. Remi woke up fever-free Tuesday morning and I was so giddy to get my hands on my new nephew that I decided to head to San Angelo that morning.

I knew I hadn't gotten enough sleep to drive us safely, so it was either fly or wait another day... there was no way I was waiting!

And I have say, they were perfect. With only about an hour to kill in the airport, it was nothing that a snack and Curious George couldn't pacify. I think from now on, we may be traveling in the air instead of on the road :)

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Cindy Rector said...

Up, up and away!! So much better than that looooong drive. Sure had fun with y'all!!