Monday, January 5, 2015

My Reading Lately...

So, I have to admit, my reading is just now getting back on track. After we got back from New Zealand this summer, things got really crazy trying to make final decisions for the house and moving. I finally got to pick up my first book in a long time about a month ago. I got two JoJo Moyes books for my birthday and Christmas, so I started with those. It made it really easy to jump right in because Moyes has become a favorite of mine. I think I have now read a total of six of her books... and there are so many more to choose from! I also got a Francine Rivers novel from my mom at Christmas. I have only read one of her books previously, but it is one of my all time favorites... if not my VERY FAVORITE... Redeeming Love. So this past month has been filled with wonderful reading!

My favorite of these three is no doubt, Bridge to Haven by Francine Rivers. This lady knows how to pierce your heart with words from the bible. My favorite type of books have real life 'grit' and I love that as a Christian author, she is not afraid to go there. Rivers takes Abra, the main character, the lowest of lows and then brings her to a place so very beautiful that words really cannot describe to feeling you have when you finish this book.

Both, Silver Bay and One Plus One are awesome books as well. My favorite of the two would be One Plus One. At times I found both stories to be a bit far fetched, but isn't that what fiction is about... bringing a reader to a place that invokes thought? Moyes always does a wonderful job creating strong characters with heartbreaking problems and then usually throws in a surprise at the end... it always works! I know there will be many more of her books filling the shelves of my library in the future.

Last year, my goal was to pick new author each month and read a handful of books from that author. I don't think I will do this again. It is really fun to switch things up and come back to authors that I haven't read in awhile. I have quit a few 'random' books that I have received as gifts that I am going to try to plow through next. After that, I have at least three boxed sets that I am going to focus on.... now if only I can quit buying new books until I finish what is on my shelves :)

Happy Reading.... and if you don't read, here are three good reasons why you should!

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Cindy Rector said...

Thanks for new books to read. I'm gonna try the Bridge to Haven. Don't forget to read The Longest is AwEsOmE!!