Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spring Break...

Besides family visiting last weekend, our Spring Break has been quiet and low-key. I love to go and do- probably more than most- but sometimes a week at home with no obligations is a breath of fresh air! Other than teaching bible class Last night, we have had no plans (I even skipped swim lessons)! I have gotten to work a lot on Roen's upcoming birthday and the boys have gotten a lot of outside time; which is their favorite. Lots of bike riding, playing in the mud and getting into Daddy's shop.

The boys got haircuts earlier this week and Little Anne got groomed, so I feel like that was one thing accomplished!

After the boys ventured outside early this morning, they came back inside to play for a bit. I snapped these pictures because it cracks me up that Remi has to have Little Anne with him at all times. He literally wakes up looking for her (the minute she hears his voice she runs and hides) and usually she stays in his lap or arms throughout the entire day. If we ever leave the house, the first thing he wants to know is if Little can go too.

It is really very sweet the way he loves her. Sometimes, I feel sorry for Little, but she holds her own and for the most part, I think she secretly likes the attention and definitely prefers it to the alternative.

This little 'doghouse' stays in my office... she loves sleeping there while I work.... so when I told Remi that I thought Little needed a nap (to give her a break from being played with) he simply brought the doghouse into the playroom. I think she was a bit irritated, lol!

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