Wednesday, April 8, 2015


I am one of 'those people' who makes my bed EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.- no exceptions. In fact, I think I would have an anxiety attack if one of the beds in my home went without being made.

It is a rare occasion that I leave the house before Micah in the mornings. Most days, the boys and I are still in bed when he leaves for work. But, on Tuesday mornings, we wake up extra early to make our trek to swim lessons. On these days, if Micah isn't up yet, I ask him to make the bed.

This is how he 'made' the bed yesterday morning...


Just to give you a reference, this is how it is supposed to look...

Good job, Micah... you succeeded in giving me the biggest laugh of the day!!!

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Cindy Rector said... least he tried!! Lol. This is too funny. Maybe you need to hold bed making 101.